Saturday, April 25, 2009

This Is Only For YOU...

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I know I couldn’t write the greatest love letter ever written, but at least I have tried and still I am trying of writing one... And for sure, it would have been a guide of standard writing or the most excessively sentimental and emotional thing a certain man could have ever written in the whole history of mankind. And I have never been that what they call "romantic"... never in my entire life, that's for sure. Not unless my arms were twisted and that someone had really forced me to.

I never wanted writing stuffs like this... but I just can't really help it this time, and this time this one is definitely because of you. So here I am doing crazy and miserably with my paragraphs, hoping that this would somehow reach the very inner part of you. The thing is, I know I really could not write the most effective and desirable love letter ever written... but I am still hoping that you will like this.

So here I am, pondering over this for the past week now. Believe me when I say that this is really no easy task you have given me. But I really want it to, and I really do. It is just that my brain is not wired up for things like these... but anyway, I will just write this letter just the same.

Now that I am already on another paragraph, still I am certain that I could not really write the most decent love letter ever written... but I am sure that there is really too much I feel about you but I just don’t have the right and perfect words to write it down. And I could have quoted the line from the movie I have just watched lately but I chose not to... maybe it is because the line seems ‘corny’, but the fact is, it expresses all of the things that I really feel for you.

I am afraid that “Romantics” would really be scratched out from this letter because I really am certain that I couldn’t write the most legible love letter ever written. I am ashamed of my thoughts and I don’t want it to reflect the ‘relationship’ that we are currently into... just please don’t get me wrong with the word ‘relationship’, coz I know who I am and I am certain of where I stand. I know for a fact that I am just a nobody to you who’s trying to be more than that, and it’s really a shame... I admit it isn’t really easy to take, but despite of this, I clearly see how I am desperately trying my best to somehow win even just a simple attention of you.

And why couldn’t you just let me type it on my PC? I mean, why can’t I just let myself write this letter on my PC and just print it out… why do I still need to write it with my penmanship? Yes, it’s not really that hard to do it, but why?

I couldn’t really write a more justifiable love letter ever written and I know it, but I am still trying. Putting in paper what we have gone through, what I feel towards you and what you really are to me don’t quite do it. I mean, it’s not enough.

I can’t help but remember your perfect smile, your graceful moves, your accent, your voice, and almost everything in you… just thinking of them made me really smile. Those times that we're together just like last night will surely be treasured for the rest of my life... the memories that you have shared will always be a big part of me. And by the way, you are the most wonderful thing that happened to me and still happening… and because of that, I couldn’t write any more love letters… ever. This one would surely be the last one I’ll ever sweat over, and this is for the guy whom I would like to share happy and special memories with. So please don’t ask me about the validity of this letter… don't ask me not to tell you what you are to me... and please don't ask me not to tell you all these stuffs, for you are more than just the word 'special' for me and you will always be. Yes, I am not asking for more and I am not even asking you to feel the same thing. You can always be you, for that would surely be who you really are... and I am not asking you anything else. Just let me love you... please I beg you. It seems I have written a poor excuse of a love letter, but none the less it is still my love letter and I wrote it because you are important and special to me... and most of all, because I love you.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SpitzTunes -- Boyle-n' Over!

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dNeero survey that I have answered for today...


Friday, April 3, 2009

Survey: SpitzTunes -- I am a Boy!

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Just answered another survey from dNeero.

SpitzTunes -- I am a Boy!