Saturday, January 31, 2009

Announcement: Cebu City - Press Conference with Joel Christopher Remandaban

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To whom this may concern,

There will be a press conference that an internationally-acclaimed Pinoy internet marketing expert named Joel Christopher will be conducting here in Cebu City. It will be held on Feb 03, 2009.


World-renowned Filipino Internet Marketing Expert Shares Wealth Secrets and Economic Recovery Projects to Cebuanos

Joel Christopher Remandaban, an internationally-acclaimed Filipino internet marketer, speaker, trainer and Amazon best-selling author will hold a press conference in Cafe Laguna, SM Cebu on Tuesday, February 03, 2009 at 11:30AM. He will discuss his upcoming seminar in Manila and will make himself available to those who want to ask questions before signing up. He will also talk about opportunities being offered at MasterListBuilder Philippines - his Internet Marketing outsourcing company; as well as the launch of - the new social networking website for Filipinos who are interested in becoming world class internet marketers and entrepreneurs.

Joel - a Visayan who hails from Tabango, Leyte - has been tremendously successful in opt-in list building, which is imperative in earning sizeable income from the internet. He has unlocked its secrets and tripled his list to over 30,903 names in only 99 days, a milestone that has earned him brands like "Master List Builder" and "List Building King" - titles bestowed upon him by the most notable personalities in internet marketing.

Jay Conrad Levinson, Father Of Guerrilla Marketing says, "Ask anyone this question: 'Who is the best in list building on the Internet?' The answer: Joel Christopher." Ted Nicholas, The Godfather of Direct Marketing, meanwhile, attests, "Joel has built one of the largest opt-in lists in a remarkably short time and is a terrific trainer who works hard, and is a person of integrity."

Joel has grown his opt-in list to more than 153,000 newsletter subscribers in as short as three years - truly unprecedented! Even those who came before him, who were already at the cutting-edge in list-building, still learned a lot from his coaching sessions and warranted that his methods do work and are, indeed, revolutionary.
Here's what Ryan Deiss of has to say: "I consider myself to be fairly advanced in the area of list-building and opt-in marketing, but I still found myself taking HUGE amounts of notes, all the while thinking, 'Why didn't I ever think of that?!'"

Now - Joel, a concerned social entrepreneur, is out to share his milestone to none other than his fellow Filipinos through projects that may help them improve their lives.

First, he will provide hands-on training to the attendees of his seminar entitled, "How To Find A Lucrative Job or Career and Make Money Online," which will be held at the UST Auditorium in Manila on February 14, 2009. Second, he established MasterListBuilder Philippines - an online outsourcing firm that seeks to provide job and business opportunities for Filipinos who prefer to earn income while contributing to the Philippine economy instead of leaving the country as an overseas Filipino worker (OFW). Third, he helped launch - a social networking site that aims to empower budding and veteran Pinoy internet entrepreneurs by providing a venue for interaction and exchange of knowledge and ideas.. Through these initial undertakings, Joel hopes to create a constructive impact to his "kababayans" and awaken their passion for self-employment because of the time flexibility and financial independence that it offers.

For more information about the press conference, please contact Lorie through 09277819096 or send an email to

About the Speaker

Joel Christopher Remandaban has co-authored Amazon best-seller "Mining Online Gold With An Offline Shovel: How To Build A Massive Online Mailing List By Mastering Offline Promotion". He has graced more than 100 live seminars, boot camps and conferences; and has spoken at more than half of them about opt-in list building. He has also spoken in front of thousands of people in the U.S. and Canada, where he has shared the stage with several marketing legends such as Ted Nicholas, Joe Sugarman, Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hanson and Mark Joyner. He is also a philantropist and has begun a foundation where he has donated 100% of his profits from his first book to this cause.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Let's Talk About Life...

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Yes, let's talk about life... Let's talk about my current life...

I really cannot help but respond to my current life story. I have had struggles currently with depression and I am feeling completely overwhelmed with all that comes into my life as of this moment. It is tougher than what you might think it is! How could I possibly move on and live as if nothing happened, when it is too difficult for me to just get myself of bed and to even get myself out of it? When everything I do is such a chore, when I'm not even able to find joy in every good things that life's giving me, and that giving out even just a fake smile is something that I still really need to force myself to do.

Life is really too unfair... Sometimes, I just thought that I have had enough and that giving up is the only thing that would help me end up all of these...

I, just like other normal individual, have been trying to make things right and keeping everything in its supposed place... I guess it's been a lifetime that I keep doing it, but this time I need to work on it double time. And sometimes I just wonder if it really works, but then I remember that yes, I have made it! I have made it through darker times before, and surely I will make it again. That God is always with me and He has carried me all through the years, when I have believed that I can't make it and when I did not have much of the strength. I also remember that I am here because of a reason... That there are people who still needs me afterall, my family and my friends. That just like me, they are learning to pick themselves up through difficulty, because they have seen me get thru. That they are learning to talk about their struggles, and not to hide them inside, not to carry those burdens, but to lay them at the feet of the Lord, who carries them for us.

I have been very blessed for having people in my "so ruined" life who are very supportive and encouraging. I have really found it out, that it is thus important to have friends who'll encourage me, who's there to listen, and friends who don't always tell me things that I need to do until I ask it to. Friends who are very much willing to understand me. Friends who pray for me when I don't know what to do anymore. It has moved me alot, and I have had to really seek for friendships out and I have realized that in this world of ours, people can't really support me not until I ask them to.

While I am certain that I am not the only one with this pair of shoes, I am also certain that this pair is pretty much different. I just encourage myself not to give in! I believe that I am not really meant to carry on this grief alone. That while I find it so difficult to see sometimes, that I, same as what others are, was created and meant to be on this earth, to learn from this what we all call "life", and to never give up. Still I have realized all of this because of the very fact that at the end of the day, I have seen myself never alone, and that I somehow I could say that I made it... Through this day and for another day.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bisdak Blogger

Cebu Bloggers Society` Meet Up at CNT LECHON - Cebu City

It's been 4 months already that I`ve been part of the Cebu`s finest society of bloggers better known as CEBU BLOGGERS SOCIETY. It's been 4 months of undeniably great experiences... I've met bunch of buddies who have helped me a lot in this blogging world... great bloggers who are great at their different crafts... everyone's just amazing and they continue to amaze me each day... Oh boy, I am just so proud to be a BISDAK BLOGGER. It's really such an honor to be one.

Now the question is, why did this post come to its existence... Then better read below.

Winston of, a senior CBS member is conducting a mini-seo competition which is of course just a game between all CBS members... It`s actually just for fun and just to test how good CBS members are when it comes to SEO.

Contest keyword is "Bisdak Blogger" (without the quotes)

If you are a CBS member and wanna know more about the contest mechanics, then just simply read the detailed info at CBS Forum.

Now if you are a CBS member, then better submit your entries now...

Again, it`s simply SEO Tutorial. Good luck!


Thursday, January 1, 2009



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