Thursday, February 25, 2010

atenean101 Supports Earth Hour

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Why is there a need to support and get involved with Earth Hour? SIMPLY BECAUSE OUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT!

On March 27, 2010, Earth Hour will continue to raise awareness of climate change issues and be a global call to action to every individual, every business and every community around. Please show your support by simply turning off your lights at 8:30PM wherever you are or wherever you may be on the planet.

But please bear in mind that there's more to it than just simply switching off your lights for one hour in a year. This is all about giving yourself a voice for the future of our very own planet and working together in creating a sustainable low carbon future.

It's Showtime! Turn out your light and show your support. Show what can be done.

3 Steps to get involved

1. Join Earth Hour

Sign up now to become part of the Earth Hour movement, add yourself to the map and receive email updates with all the latest Earth Hour news.

2. Show your support

Whether you are an individual a business a school or a city you can show your support by turning off your lights for Earth Hour, 8.30PM Saturday 27 March 2010. Check out the other ways that you can show your support.

3. Spread the word

Get the word out about Earth Hour by working your social network for the planet. Add an Earth Hour banner to your blog, tag your tweets @earthhour or update your Facebook status to tell your friends that you’re supporting Earth Hour 2010.

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Alexander von Furstenberg

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Alexander is Co-Managing Member and Chief Investment Officer of Arrow Capital Management, LLC, a private investment firm focused on global public equities. Since 2001, Alex von Furstenberg has acted as Chief Investment Officer of Arrow Investments, Inc., a private investment office that serves the Diller von Furstenberg family.

Alexander led the restructuring of Diane von Furstenberg Studio, LP, a global luxury lifestyle brand, taking it from $1 million in annual revenue to more than $200 million. He remains a Partner and Director in the company. He also serves on the board of directors of IAC/InterActiveCorp, a U.S.-based internet conglomerate, and on the board of W.P. Stewart & Co., Ltd., a Bermuda-based asset management firm. He began his career in 1993 as a trader on Allen & Company’s Risk Arbitrage Desk.

Alexander currently serves as Director and Secretary of The Diller - von Furstenberg Family Foundation. The Foundation is mangaged by Alex, his mother, Diane von F├╝rstenberg, his stepfather, Barry Diller, the CEO of IAC/InterActiveCorp, and his sister, Tatiana von Furstenberg.

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Your Small Business VOIP

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Do you own a small business? A small business that is in need of a more practical and convenient way of doing transactions over the phone? Are you a small business who wants to try out the use of telephone technology via the internet – the Voice Over Internet Protocol? A small business VOIP?

If you are a business and in a search for a VOIP service that would help you with your business needs, then perhaps Vocalocity may be of help to you.

Vocalocity provides a phone service system you will not surely outgrow. They will help you save your money, eliminate the hassles of thinking and will give you a feature set like their Fortune 500 company. They do specialize in that what they call Hosted PBX. Their service system is easy and convenient to use. They are focused on helping businesses especially the small ones and easier to work with. More importantly, they do own their own technology which is of course an advantage if we talk about VOIP system service.

To quote what one client or customer has said about Vocality,
"Vocalocity is great because the price is right, it's got the right features, it does what we need it to do on a day to day basis and it allows customers to get a hold of us anytime they want."

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Accident Consult For UK Citizens

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Looking out for an accident consult where you can make a personal injury or accident claims that is of less hassle has never been an easy task. It couldn't be easier at all. But if you are a UK citizen, there's a good news for you. There's this to aid your needs for such claims.

Accident Consult is known in helping UK citizens claim compensation on a no win no fee basis which only means that if in case your claim is considered successful, you will definitely receive 100% compensation without any hidden costs at all. Plus a free case assessment! So in case you are curious about them why not visit and contact them, then find out if you may be entitled to accident compensation.

Remember that their commitment is not only for you to get the best result possible but to give you the best service by helping you with your issue from the start until the end.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life's Just Fine

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Life's maybe cruel and complicated at times but these help us understand our purpose; of who we really are, where we come from, and where we are heading. - atenean101

As I am writing this post, I would like to say I am just fine, which tends to be my default response when someone asks me how I am doing. Yet as much as I would want to tell the world that I am okay right now, things are not just looking good at all. If I would, I would just be a big fool.

Oftentimes, it is just really hard to get anything done when you have that small voice at the back of your head constantly telling and reminding you that you are inept, incapable, or irrelevant. Of course I can always force myself to think positive, but because there is that voice that seems to be always there whispering, and because I cannot figure out how to let it go, to negate negativity is like hoping for miracles to happen. Worse, this becomes habitual that builds up over time. This then result to discouragement which eventually makes me perform worse at the things I do, and which only makes the little voice even more convincing...

I do not want this. I know that this will never be of any help at all but I always refuse to even mention this to anyone, not even him. All of us do have our own burdens, so why bother anyone with mine that's too pathetic. People have enough of their own and I do not want to add to it. And even if I bother them, why would they care to listen anyway?

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Convenience In Promoting Your Article

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Being a blogger, I know that one way to promote my blogs and every entries that I make is to submit it to a certain article directory available that is of quality and credible at the same time. This is of course not only for my own benefit but for the benefit of the general public as well, particularly my dearest avid readers. But because of the widespread of different article directories around with pleasing look and that is well presented, it seems to be quite hard for one to easily determine which one would surely be of best help until I have learned about Articles Zoom.

Article Zoom is not only a general article directory but it is an organization as well of competent writers and bloggers around the globe. So if in case you are in need of more relevant or additional information, then other writers articles would surely be of better help to you. And they don't just accept articles right away as they have their submission guidelines for every article that one is going to submit which I believe is only fair enough for both their writers and readers. This is of course one way of proving and saying that articles submitted are all of quality and considered outstanding.

Aside from helping me reach out to all the readers around since every submission is promoted via twitter, they also provide me the confidence that my articles will surely be taken cared of because of their better reputation. Now this is what convenience really is.

I already registered and planning to submit my first article later today. How about you?

Visit my sponsor:

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Analyzing SERP Analytics

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In my more than a year experience as a blogger, I admit that I still don't have enough knowledge about Search Engine Optimization. Yes, the word is very familiar as we – bloggers, always encounter the word around the blogosphere in our day-to-day blogging. However, despite of this fact, in-depth knowledge of SEO is still not at hand. Not until now!

Just today, I have learned some important things about SEO particularly on how it really does help bloggers like me. Good thing I came across a friend's entry post about SERP Analytics. It's really good browsing other blogs whenever you get time doing it because it doesn't only helps you connect to your dear blogger friends but you'll also encounter or learn new things from them.

SERP Analytics provides SEO and even SEM specialists ability in analyzing Search Engine Results pages. It shows seo parameters under search results, archived serps, positions changes, and a special SERP summary in a special window. The most important thing is that it provides SEO tools and other features that would surely give its users their best benefit, and example is its Free Top 100000 keyword tool which is updated from time to time. This keywords list can be filtered wherein searched and sorted keywords are based on parameters such as the number of clicks, number of clicks reported, and even the cost per click.

The site has even lots of features to offer than what one could ever imagine, and that other site could ever offer. In its member area, it has next tools where one could view domain summary and the top ranking keywords for a certain given site which is indeed important.

SERP Analytics is definitely one of the best sites which offer SEO tools services that is always available and is for free. So if you're into SEO, why not try to check out the site.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Study At Your Own Convenience

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Medical Assistant has become one of the rapidly growing careers worldwide since the need for well experienced medical and technical workers who are able to manage both medical and administrative functions is now increasing. However, deciding to pursue this career is never an easy task since there are lots of things to consider first. Is there enough time? It is convenient? Is it accessible? Is it of quality education?

Today, it is of good news that because of the boosting growth with our technology there are now several online educational services or programs made available worldwide. And it's even better that these include medical education programs for those who wanted to become part or practitioners of that medical world particularly medical assistants.

At St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants your dream of pursuing a career and have your diploma as medical assistant would surely be at hand. They do provide quality education through their band of teachers and tutors who are available for contact online or via phone patch. They would surely be of best help to you by the help of their competent online facilities. More importantly, they offer flexible completion time table for one to finish the course at his own pace with convenience.

If you need further assistance, why not check St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants' website and see for yourself...

You can now become a Medical Assistant in just 6-8 weeks.
Come enroll and realize your dreams!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Being Globally Connected

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As we continue the ongoing process of being globally connected, be it with our economy, society, or our culture, we have been witnessed to the growth of our booming technology – as it has become one way to integrate our globe-spanning network in terms of communication and trade. And there have been lots of technologies being introduced around. It is as if day by day there have been changes or updates.

Apparantly, our booming technology has resulted to our rapid growth as a society and economy. We see all these improvements all over the corner. One is even able to watch these on the privacy of their own home through the help of GPS tracking – this determines the precise location of a certain person, vehicle, or any other asset to which it is attached and to even record the position of these assets at a regular intervals.

Because of the rapid popularity growth of GPS, there are many companies nowadays who are offering GPS tracking devices or rather systems which are of variety of uses and for the wide variety of users. The Google directory is evident to this issue and even listed over 200 companies with such services offered. One of those is the LandAirSea Systems.

Located in Woodstock, Illinois, LandAirSea Systems, Inc., has been a leading manufacturer of effective, affordable GPS tracking systems, devices and software since 1994. Our passive and real time GPS tracking solutions undergo extensive pre-development research and testing to ensure that our customers are receiving quality products guaranteed to deliver results. Our diversified customer base has evolved to include small businesses, government and law enforcement agencies and a growing consumer market that includes concerned parents of teenage drivers.

According to one of its users, LandAirSea systems is one valuable addition to our investigate tools. That user is even impressed with the systems record quality and accuracy that it's able to capture accurate and necessary data records.

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Which Web Hosting?

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Almost all bloggers, if not all, are keen in search for a web hosting that stands out among all the different types of web hosting out. A webhosting that is not only of quality service but more importantly, a combination of efficient and effective. But because the market is of abundance and that businesses who offer web services like such never want to be left behind, such task of finding the best one is not only tough but one of the toughest job.

It's a tough competition. Everyone wants to be the best. But always remember that it's never possible that everybody's best so it is indeed important that everybody should be very careful and wise enough in choosing what is best and right for them.

Although it has been evident that because of the intense competition all web hosting providers now offer promotions with discounts, coupon codes, and other stuffs that would benefit its users, please bear in mind that it's still business. Avoid going into conclusions right away and use your proper weighing skills instead.

Good thing there are ways to check which web hosting companies offer the right services we certainly deserve. AlreadyHosting.Com's just one of them. They always provide free web hosting reviews and ratings that is definitely of big help. They will help you save not only your money but as well as your time and effort.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Almost A Valentine

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There he goes
walking, running
like a knight in shining armour
like a hero in vain.

There he goes again
he waves at you
inviting, pleasing
and with a smile
he says hi

His glances make you shiver
with his every touch that is cold
he wants you up to let you down
then he makes you cheer
as he would need your strength

To conquer you in the end
to see tears running on your face
to validate his value
to boost his pride

Then there he is again
with eyes of an angel
charm of a prince
he's there waiting

Ready to take a plunge
doing his thing
wearing the same smile
planning his second take

He is just a user
great liar in disguise
he is just a man
almost a valentine.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cebu Bloggers Society 2nd Anniversary

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Cebu Bloggers Society has gone bigger, bolder, and better! And now, they are taking a leap to the next level. From its humble beginnings, now the group has gone quite far enough.

This year, on the 14th of February, marks CBS's two years of existence. With this year's anniversary entitled “CBS @ 2: The Cebu Bloggers Society 2nd Anniversary Celebration,” we hope to bring each one of us the twist of bloggers life we certainly deserve.

Brilliant officers of the group as well as all the cooperative members will surely open the event with lots of stuffs to offer and with an overview of the history and where we are heading. Following will be fun, fun and still lots of fun.

The second founding anniversary which will be held on February 14, 2010, Sunday, around 5-9PM, will definitely be a big surprise to each members of the society. In this regard, all CBS members are enjoined to attend this momentous event. Pre-Registration is now open so please visit the forum for more details.

On behalf of the society, we hope each members could really come and enjoy. Let us all share the joy of our two years of bonding.

This is made possible by the following sponsors:

  • SM Foodcourt, SM City Cebu
  • SM Storyland
  • Golden Bowl Dimsum
  • King Wah Chinese Cuisine
  • Mama Gie
  • Balamban Liempo


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