Sunday, January 31, 2010


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Saw the flowers bloomed this morning
while morning dew's filling it.
Witnessed how the rising of the sun
outshine the days of storm.
Tasted the sweetness of the rain
after that drought came in.
Breathed an air full of life
in a space surrounded by lies.
Smelled the fragrance of that perfume
with the word "scentless" in it.
Touched that considered intangible entity.
Heard the angels singing
the romantic song of love,
to love again.
At the end,
at the bottom of that indescribable plain,
there's that something written that says
"SURPRISE ME! I am waiting".

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2Days Of Rest's A Bliss

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Often I wonder what a life would be with only a day of rest in a week. Will I stand it? And if ever I will, until when? But what if it's like forever?

Human's never a machine and will never ever be. This, perhaps, is one of which opened the door to that change of mind. This is maybe one of those that made them realize our worth.

For already a year of working six times a week with that ample or no benefit at all, at last voices are heard and prayers are answered. After a long wait of waiting, fact has been considered this time. Now, a 2days of rest at hand.

A 2days of rest in a week is what we surely need and what we only ask them. It's more than just a bliss. You will only not have time to relax but more importantly, you'll have more time for yourself and for your family.

... Employees are part of every management in a certain company. Thus, considering them in every decision is not only necessary but a must, especially if it's them who are directly affected by that decision. And I am just glad the long wait's over.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Milestone: The Philippines’ Top 50 Blogs of 2009

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Last January 19 of this current calendar year, released their list of Top 50 Blogs in the Philippines for 2009 which were ranked based on each blog's 3-month traffic rank.

Yes, is part of the list and on the 32nd rank. This is indeed a milestone that I should really be proud of considering the fact that there are already hundreds of bloggers in the Philippines and at the same time, there are thousands of blogs available.

Thank you so much. You are all part of this recognition. Way to go guys.

Please click the image below to better see whose blogs made the cut. You may also check for more info.

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This Is It: The Outstanding Performance

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Cebu's phenomenal dancing inmates did it again!

Cebu, Philippines - Philippines pride, The Dancing Inmates of Cebu", from Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) - a maximum security prison - were treated to a visit by the King of Pops' long-time choreographer Travis Payne and dancers Daniel Celebre and Dres Reid to teach them learn the performances from THIS IS IT.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

I Would Have To Wait

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I love you. So I would have to wait. Maybe this waiting would mean forever yet this is what I am more prepared of... - atenean101

After hours of thinking, I would say I am not yet ready. I am not yet prepared to risk and gamble. I do not want to ruin the things we have now just because of that something you may consider "unnecessary".

You maybe thinking that what I wanted to happen between us are nothing but all just myself, and this is making me more afraid of giving it a try. It is giving me this weird feeling of guilt – I guess I am being selfish.

I'm afraid I'd ask for more than what you could only give. And just merely thinking about it is making me realize that I'm just not ready at all - I am not ready to risk and afraid that I might lose my self-control and eventually lose your trust.

I want to hold you. I want to feel you. I just wanted to feel that you also care. And so I thought by simply doing what was planned would help me realize my worth to you. Yet, it only made me realize that it will never really be of any help at all. I will only be fooling myself. It's just more of "I" and there's no longer you - and I don't like it. So I will just wait until that time comes. That certain time when we are both prepared to face those consequences – those what you call "after effects". But I will never talk about it again.

This shall be the last time I'll talk about the issue. You'll not hear any words about it from me anymore unless you'd want us to talk about it. Until that certain time comes – when you are ready and willing - then I will be prepared. I am not going to argue about it anymore because the more we discuss it, the more it makes me think, and the more I am feeling the pain.

It's really hard to pretend that we'll just be fine by going against our will – it's indeed unfair to keep fooling ourselves. It isn't right. Never has it been. This made me decide to cancel tomorrow's event. It isn't fair. Never will it be.

Yes, you are right – we are not in a hurry. So I will be waiting...

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Glass Sink Is Never Just A Display

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Practicality is just one of my very nature when it comes to buying stuffs. Obviously, I always make it a point to check first a certain product's price and its durability before I consider buying it. So when I heard a boardmate talk about glass sinks, I just can't help but wonder. Of all sinks available why choose glass sink? I think it's not worth it especially if we talk about durability. I guess it would be more like a display and not to be regularly used compared to stainless or metal sinks.

Just like me, I know most people around think that a glass vessel sink is easily breakable and not that strong enough to hold ones daily activities without worrying at all. But after checking things out, I've realized I was all wrong. This kind of sink is never made up of that normal glass component but those tampered ones. At the same time, this sink is not as breakable as what I think it was before since accordingly, it's heated to high temperature and suddenly cooled which made it more strong than the usual glass we could ever think of.

Then I think again. My boardmate's right, glass sink is never just a display.

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We Are All Unique

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We are all unique as what the statement said. This is very true and never will there be any objection at all. As much as possible, each of us want to be different with others, and we even do stuffs which are sometimes weird just to only create an image that will never be the same with other people.

Personalization is evident to the statement. Nowadays, many if not almost all, would want to personalized everything because we believe that this will make us more meaningful and more valuable. Let us site a gift as an example. People love it more if they will receive gifts that are personalized because accordingly, it is indeed special when it's done that way. And to add, personalized gift with personal touch are even more remarkable compared to just plainly made bought gifts.

Today, there have been a massive widespread of websites around the world wide web who offers items that of with personal touch. is just one of them but is indeed better. It is designed to cater our needs for a more valuable and precious personalized items. They do offer personalized gift software, name meaning software and even that fist name software which is becoming more appealing to people. The good thing with them is that they also gives online people like a blogger like me the opportunity of making money just by simply doing or creating things that you really want like - personalized gifts – on the computer.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Calm & Undisturbed...

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Yesterday, he was that person I never thought he could be. Disturbed. Doubtful. Weak. But he seems different today.

He was seated on the other side a while back, wearing something so light, I noticed. I know him so well, that's for sure. He knows me too, only that we don't often talk. But for sure the feeling's mutual.

There he was with a light aura. I saw him smile. He's smiling slightly, at nothing in particular.

He seems to be perfectly calm as I saw him today. It's as if there's nothing for him to be troubled of anymore, and everything seemed to be alright in the world. It's as if problems, worries, bitterness, and sadness, has never been part or will no longer be part of the picture. It is as if there isn't enough reason to invite negativity.

Upon staring into some distant space, he might have seen me yet he opted to ignore my presence. He just smiled, calm and undisturbed.

Seeing him gives me this reason to start this day a bit better. Because he's an inspiration. He's the new me.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finding A Living Arrangement That Is Stress-Free

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The same as moving, looking for a better apartment or a place to rent is never an easy task. This is may be a bit of fun but as you go along, you will surely realize that this can even be a very stressful task especially if you are into a search for a certain place that would meet all your requirements and all your needs as well. And talking about requirements and needs, these are those that make things even more complicated.

Be reminded that the rental market in most cities nowadays are cyclical yet it is always the most desirable units that are the ones snapped up real quick. So if you are set to do the task of looking for that place that would suit your desires, do your homework better and hit the pavement after.

In checking a better place to rent, it would be best to first consider the location. So how is the location? Does it has easy access to what you really need for your type of community – transport, market, shops, safety? Then standard things will follow like the number of rooms, and other features that would be desirable to you.

It is indeed important to meet all of our needs in finding the best living arrangement for ourselves and our family, the same as what Boston Apartments could offer. Sometimes, we may think that there is no longer a need to settle as it is overlooked because of time constraints and money. But remember that this won't be a problem if one is only prepared and ready to make his dream for a better living a reality.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Years Resolution : Save Money in 2010

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As what I have always mentioned here, last year's the toughest year in my entire life as of this writing. I definitely would not want to be that person that I was last year. I cannot be that person again, that's for sure. So after what had happened it is just but fair enough to consider and start 2010 with a more enhanced resolutions of creating a person in myself who always have God and loveones first before anything else. This in particular would of course include the resolution of saving money this year for a better future.

I have read friends' blogs before mentioning about considering car insurances and getting more and even better coupon codes, as just some helpful ways of fulfilling one's resolution for a more desirable savings this year. I bet they are just right. Unfortunately, I do not have a car of my own but my parents do, so I would surely inform them about this beneficial car insurance thingy that I have just learned from a fellow blogger. And I will start taking advantage of coupon codes this time especially when it comes to online purchasing.

It's been a fact that I wasn't able to spend my money right from the very beginning. Honestly, I really don't have that skill to save especially if we talk about money. Life's not about money, this is what I have learned to live my life from the start. It cannot buy happiness. And at the same time, it cannot buy love. But because it's a fact that we need money in order to live, I guess it is just fair enough to begin saving now.

Now is the time to look ahead. And so I am indeed grateful I was able to take note of some helpful tips from a certain dumb little man. He might be just a dumb little man but he has written this 30 Ways to Save Money that made him that big! I would certainly follow all of those ways he has mentioned in his article. Certainly!

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A Complete Guide to Botox Injections DVD

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What is botox injection? I have heard about it for several times already. I am quite familiar with the word but not with what it really is. So I am glad the moment I noticed that there's this this new BOTOX Injection DVD made available around.

This new BOTOX Injection DVD is a compilation of information about the mentioned subject. It will give one the botox training courses he needs. These botox courses are of quality where one will surely learn more and enhance his knowledge in the mentioned area as a whole.

Botox Injection Video
Botox Training | Botox Injections

Aesthetic VideoSource produces and distributes detailed, comprehensive continuing medical education DVDs, so professionals can properly perform the procedures shown. Aesthetic VideoSource is the forerunner in educational media distribution, with award-winning DVDs and an always-expanding list of offerings.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

What Is It That You Really Want?

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As the new year started, have you already thought and asked yourself of what is it in your life that you really wanted? Is it becoming wealthy? Is it fame? Is it love? Is it financial stability? Is it to be a good Samaritan and help more people especially the needy? Or maybe, you just want to be as plain as you are the previous years?

Most of us want to prove ourselves. We don't want to live in this world like shadows. We want to become the person who we really wanted to be. As far as I know, there is indeed nothing wrong about it. At the same time, there's nothing wrong of thinking or dreaming big. But in doing so, one must always remember to apply the things or lessons we have learned from our parents, from our family, from the society, from our own selves, and most of all, from God. Most of the time, realization of what we really wanted in our lives is greatly affected by how much we've learned from life's experiences, and even the craft of dealing with people who are difficult and who we hate is considered an important skill.

It's also good to look at other people's achievements. Let me site Naveen Jain as an example. He is just one of the many achievers in the world who started with nothing but his persistence and determination to succeed. He is considered as a tech superstar who founded Intelius - a company that provides online information services. If you want to know more about Naveen Jain, then try to check his Crunchbase Profile for more detailed information about him. His story only proves that if we believe in the power of our dreams, realizing it is will never be impossible.

Naveen Jain is a founder and CEO at Intelius which he started in Janurary 2003 with a mission to empower consumers with online information for personal protection and intelligent decisions. Previously, Naveen launched InfoSpace in March 1996 with the vision of delivering real-world information on the Internet - anytime, anywhere and on any device. Previous to InfoSpace, Jain was a Program Manager at Microsoft Corporation from June 1989 to March 1996.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Chance For Another New Beginning

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And for the nth time, I have decided to start again. This year's a new year and so I believe here's another new beginning for me. To start all over again. To start out hopeful. To start with high and well spirit. To begin to dream. And to begin realizing the dream.

Paused for a while. Thinking where to begin. Then I just realized that every year seems to be the same thing. Recalling last year's failures. Wondering what had happened to myself that year. And thinking if I could finally work on with my life as a whole this time.

Once upon a time, when everything seemed to be beautiful and uncomplicated, and when life's just a happy-go-lucky one, I keep myself on dreaming. I would have meaningful conversation with my parents, a happy play with my siblings, and a quality time with my family. Those day's definitely a bliss and I can't help but miss those days. My mom would ask me how my day went as I arrive from school. Then she would eventually teach me lessons at night after we watch a nice show on television together with my dad, sister and two little brothers. But those days are no more.

But I bet it's not a crime to start over and dream and eventually hope for a better life this year. Working on with my life as a whole this time around is maybe difficult but I believe that starting the year well enough is to call significant progress in me. So let's just hope I won't be spoiling the opportunity this time around.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Television Through Satellite Transmissions

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Moving from one place to another, from one city to another, from one country to another, is certainly just one of the different issues in life that we will encounter. I've moved around just a few times now but it's really not an easy task at all. What more if one is subscribed to a Direct TV? Good thing there is - a site that would help one find the nearest Direct TV available.

Direct TV is just one of the many products of our advanced and even more boosting technology. In United States of America, more and more households are subscribing into it since it provides a more advance form of television. Through satellite transmissions, Directv is able to provide quality television and audio services to its subs to which services which include services that is equal to many broadcast stations, local television networks, radio and audio services, and even those private video service in town.

I still remember what I was told by one of my close friend who is a nurse and currently based in Florida, he mentioned how he has been hooked into watching television lately. He even informed me about Direct TV and how advanced it really is. So far he has subscribed to a Direct TV in Florida and he said that the service is indeed amazing. I then came to notice and realize how people there embraced the advancement of our technology. Accordingly, if you want to satisfy yourself through spending quality time watching television,you would really need to be a Direct TV subscriber as it's definitely not boring compared to the just the normal one.

Now, if you are into it then good for you. But if you are not, I guess you should now consider subscribing and I would then advise you to check out for a better Direct TV service in your local area.

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Laser Assisted Body Sculpting

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Beauty is one important factor in boosting one's confidence. At the same time, it brings enjoyment to the one who looks or even contemplates. This is the very reason why most people nowadays are too much conscious with the way they look and with the way they present their selves to the public. It is even a qualification or a requirement nowadays to have a pleasing personality which includes a combination of beauty and personality. Body sculpting is evident to this fact.

As one way to improve or enhance beauty, body sculpting is indeed a personal choice. For as long as you are happy and you are not harming anybody, no one is rightful enough to say that it's not good or it's a bad choice. Yet one must be very careful and wise enough before he/she should consider the idea. And because there are lots of clinics or companies who offer body sculpting it's indeed hard to tell who is better if not the best. So in case you are considering the idea, why not try to check Sono Bello.

Sono Bello is the leader in Laser Assisted Body Contouring technology. Our sole focus on body contouring, and unmatched experience in the latest laser assisted liposuction techniques, are why Sono Bello continues to be one of the nation’s fastest-growing body contouring clinics.

As a leader in laser assisted body sculpting, they are dedicated in providing one the highest level of service with better results one expects to get. Their professional and highly-trained team of physicians and plastic surgeons are just some of the reasons why they are considered one of the best and most of their patients are happy and contented with the results.

Sono Bello’s Laser Assisted Liposuction and Body Contouring technology permanently removes fat cells to enhance and shape most areas of your body. Tummy, thighs, chin, back, hips…Sono Bello’s highly-trained, board certified physicians offer procedures that tighten loose skin, reduce cellulite and diminish stretch marks to give you the body you’ve always wanted.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Hope For A Better 'I'

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2009 has passed and glad it's now 2010. Unlike the other years, 2009's so far the toughest one if my entire life. I become the person who I never thought I could ever be. It made me not quite who I used to be.

The passage of time, and the experiences 2009 has brought along, has caused a number of changes inside and in my entire life as whole. Wisdom and other good virtues' gained, I thought at first, yet after a closer inspection reveals something that is entirely different. The decisions and other choices I have made have caused my life to change for the worse. And despite my effort to go against negativity, still, I end up with bruises I could never tell when would be completely healed.

2009's the only year where I often find myself helpless to the tides of time as days continues to pass by. And though I always wanted to change myself in a certain way, I seem to have no control over this. I daresay everything's controlled by fate itself and so it's useless to do an effort to win over it.

But no, this isn't right! I cannot keep myself from being this person that I am not even familiar with! Although some part of it does make sense to me, still, it isn't right. It is this flood of emotion that plagues me whenever I am alone, truly alone. When all sight of me has been blocked by distance or obstruction, when my thoughts then run free, albeit in a world of darkness. And so I am glad it's now 2010.

I am grateful, at least, for the tiny point of light shining through amidst all the gloom, there is this hope for a better 'I' this new year. But I cannot do this by myself alone. I would be needing your help. At the same time I may be begging for your love and care.

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