Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Memories of RF Online Game...

While writing my previous post about my interest in online casinos, I cannot help but remember one of my favorite online games before... thinking how it has affected my life so much.

It has been years already when I have decided to quit playing RF Philippines Online game. And it was the time, when I have decided to start a life that would help me search for the real me and of what I really want to become. That time, I have thought that quitting is just as simple as how simple the word “QUIT” itself is spelled out, but I have proved myself wrong... It's rather hard than easy.

It was November of 2006 when I have decided to quit playing my favorite online game. I am very positive at that point that I'll surely be able to get rid of such addiction. I even flew here in Cebu City and get myself a work just for me to completely forget all about it. But the more I try to forget, the more the game is haunting me and the more I am motivated to play the game again.

To cut the story short, still I am into the game... One day I just found myself walking along the street of Cebu City looking for a nearby internet cafe. And later then I realized that I am playing the game again.

With such experience, I have realized that deciding to do things which is not really you won’t help you define the real you at all...


Have You Tried Playing Online Casino Before?

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Have you tried playing casino online games before?

It's Wednesday once again. I have been surfing the net just earlier today when I came to encounter a certain site that caught my interest. Of course, I am not new to online casinos... I mean, I know what exactly it is and I know how it works since it is just actually the online version of the traditional land-based casino. But the thing is, this is the first time that such stuff has tickled my interest.

If what I have heard was right, despite of the fact that we are currently facing problems with our economy, the number of people who are into the game has been continuously increasing since the debut of the first ever online casino in the mid 90's, and at the same time, sites who offered such game have mushroomed already all over the world wide web.

Now I am thinking of the possibility that I might try playing the game too... Just thinking of how much money would I get just incase I will win. And besides, I want to try how lucky I really am. Or am I? Haha.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Straight From A Computer Games Addict

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Yes, I am a computer games addict... be it an online or an offline one.

Playing computer games is what makes me feel better each day. It is a hobby that indeed helps me forget some of my biggest troubles and gives me the courage to live my life to the fullest. Also, it is one of the ways where I could somehow bring my fantasies to reality.

Among those games which I love to play most of the time are
mac games.

And just incase you are a game enthusiast like me and looking for a quality mac game that would suit your taste and interest, I suggest that you visit The site offers wide range or should I say comprehensive information regarding mac games and other related stuffs. They also provide detailed information on the current or latest games available for you and your mac operating system plus a review that would help you understand and decide what game would best interest you, just like the game
Righteous Kill which is actually inspired by the movie entitled the same.

Currently, they just added
iphone games on their list of interesting stuffs that would surely tickle your interest. And just think of it as a mobile version of your favorite mac games.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lifelock For Your Identity Protection

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As the world constantly changes and as we become more and more advanced and innovative, the issue on identity theft has been one of our major concerns. We're very much aware that while this world continues to rapidly evolve, the rapid growth of cases concerning such issue becomes very alarming.

The agony of knowing that one’s identity is no longer safe from such criminals is something that needs to be given an immediate action. Yes, it would be very nice to trace and caught each of those thieves and put them into jail, but mind you, it is really not that easy. Instead, it would be best to get yourself a protection. Prevention is still better than cure.

Good thing that there is Lifelock. They provide a life lock that helps those who wish to be free against identity theft. They're experts in terms of identity theft prevention. They have several effective resources for you to choose from.

If you wish to know more about them, or just incase you are curious on how Lifelock manages to excel and become phenomenal over the years, then I suggest for you to better visit them at See for yourself and better do something now to avoid such unwanted situation.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Driving My Dream Car

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Driving has always been my passion since I was just a kid. It has interest and influenced my life so much that I could say I have started learning it in my early childhood years. It has taught me a lot... on how to focus, to reach no limit or boundaries and to never be afraid.

It really has struck me today while I am on my way to work to see more and more professionals who have managed their career and their lives well while they drive their own cars. I wonder how good the feeling is, driving a car of your own especially when it’s the one you have been dreaming of... Happy? Proud? Contentment? But whatever the feeling is, I know for sure that it would be more than just the word "good" and perhaps, "better" would do.

Insecurity and jealousy hit me once again! It has been years already since I have dreamt of having a car of my own - my dream car... dynamic, elegant, quality and best value. And for the past 2 years, I have been working hard, double time, to somehow realize the dream...

But come to think of it, finding cars that is of best deal has never been that easy. Instead, it can be very daunting, considering the fact that we're now living in a revolutionary age where there are huge numbers of good stuffs to choose from. Yes, choosing and getting the great deal for cars is indeed a very tricky task that would surely need careful consideration and clever justification. Practicality has always been the best policy, they say, but for me, getting what is of quality with a justifiable price still what matters.

In today's economy, being a wise buyer is not good enough, it would be best to be wiser. So if you are searching for cars that would suit your taste with best value, then why not go to PERRYS. They offer best deals on cars that would surely pass your qualification and consideration, be it a new one or a used one.

Perrys has a lot of best deal cars instore for you. They now have the new vauxhall insignia and vauxhall corsa which are both of my interest nowadays, and honestly, I am aiming of having any of the two in the near future (if God is willing).

Perrys has been recognized as one of the best franchised vauxhall dealers with best dealerships to offer.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Zenni Optical at New York Times!

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What? Zenni Optical in the New York Times?!

Yes, you've read it right again. Others may say that this is just a fool's joke or may even think that I am just making another "nonsense" story here, but yes, it's definitely true. You better check it yourself for you to believe it.

Anyway, after being featured on Fox News, now Zenni Optical reached one of the prestige Newspapers in the world - the New York Times! On their article, Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank, they've made mention of the bargain a certain customer could get from Zenni compared to others considering that the cost for an average frame today is really high. At Zenni Optical, you could avail prescription eyeglasses for only $8! Oh, that's indeed a bargain. And it's even better than just a bargain.

What I like more with them is the fact that they offer variety of frames for you to choose from. Just like my favorite one which image shows above. It's not only affordable and of quality, but it's a fashion statement as well. The stylish frame really look great add the fact that its lenses are with anti-scratch coating! Amazing, isn't it?

So incase you are looking for eyeglasses that would definitely suit your taste and your budget and eyeglasses that would give you the best value of your money, then I suggest, it would be best for you to visit It is indeed time for you to see the difference!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Too Old to Play Soldiers?

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When I was a kid, I used to play soldiers game. And I thought those days were gone and that I am now too old to play the game again. But then I realized, I am not yet that old to play soldiers! It's definitely because of Paintball.

Paintballing is more than just the word fun. It is also a test on one's skills... endurance, leadership, quick-thinking and teamwork. Also it boost one's self steem, camaraderie and friendship.

Paintball really gives you a real experience, and you don't need to be a kid again to play it. So what are we waiting for, let's play the game and discover the real kid spirit in us.

And just incase you are looking for the best and the ultimate paintball experience available and paintball gear that would surely topped your taste, not to worry, look no further 'coz has it all! Best gears, unbeatable service, excellent field quality and most of all, it offers more than just what you need and what you deserve especially when it comes to paintballs!

Be sure to drop by their website at and see what's in store for all of us.