Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Message: Happy 27th Birthday Miong21

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[video taken from YouTube.]

Nope! This is not another "My Featured Music Video" post. This is simply a tribute to a special friend who had been the biggest influence why I`m part of the blogosphere now. Wonder who he is? Then why not continue reading this post. Haha.

If you have read my post last Wednesday, September 24, then perhaps it might give you an idea of who this person is...

A fellow blogger, an influence, an online friend [as I claim us to be], and a mentor, these are what he is to me. But hey! he`s just really an online friend since we have not yet met personally... I`m just hoping that somehow we could, so I could thank him personally for everything, I mean for helping me decide to blog. As you may not know it [I`ve been like so redundant with this fact! lol], this person is the main reason why I am blogging now. And his two blogs are my inspirations.

His name is Dave Montero, but he`s better known as Miong [miong21] in the bloggers world or the blogosphere. And he just turn 27 today! Yes, today! This day is his day! It`s Miong`s Day!

Dave, Happy Birthday! I`m glad that everything`s going fine with you. And happy that your relationship with your special somebody is going stronger. I just wanted to wish you all the happiness in life. You certainly deserve it.

On this day, there are lot of people who are thinking of you. And of course I am one of them. Now that you`re a year older and a bit of a grump, I`m just hoping that you`ll not change. Just stay as the same as what you have always been since before, but be more wiser okay? Continue to share your life to others, since you`re special.

Lastly, in this world, where everything seems uncertain, only one thing is definite. You'll always be a friend, beyond words, beyond time and beyond distance.

Looking forward to many more years of friendship. Even if it`s just online. Haha.

Happy Birthday again. Enjoy your own holiday! God Bless!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Broken Phone [Oh How I Miss You]

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`twas just last year when I met you,
And `twas just last year when we became friends.
You may not know how important you are
but God knows you`re one thing I can`t live without.

You`ve helped me in so many ways
Impossible becomes possible with you.
Thought everything`s a sky
Thought everything`s just all a dream
Then you came and changed everything
And proved me nothing`s impossible.
For that I`m thankful I have you
And lucky that we have met.

But in a glance you`ve changed
And in a glance you`ve left.
You didn`t even warn me
It`s as if we`re not friends.
I`m used to live with you
Now without you is like a mess.

Who`s gonna wake me up
When it`s only you who`s my alarm.
Who`s gonna capture my moments
When it`s only you who`s my best shot.
Who`s gonna be my messenger
When it`s only you who knew my friends.
Who`s gonna tell me I`m better
When it`s only you who keep remindin` me.
Who`s gonna cheer me up
When it`s only you who`s my clown.
Who`s gonna tell me I can make it
When it`s only you who`s my strength.
And above all...
Who`s gonna ease my pains
When it`s only you who know me well.

Now what`s left are just your memories.
Now it`s only me alone and lonely.
I know I`ve failed you once
But why have you failed me twice?

But I`m still positive you`re coming back
I`m still positive you`ll surprise me once again.
You`re a good friend I`ve ever have
And letting go is something just unimaginable.

Hope to see you once again
For it`s only you who brigthens up my day.
Hope to hear you once again
For it`s only your melodies that keep me alive each day.
And hope to touch you once again
For you`re so untouchable!

I miss you my friend...
And there`s no one who can change you in my heart...
Please come back to me soon.

Note: I`m not a poet myself... I`m just one of those trying hard out there, haha. But I really love my phone, and it`s so hard to accept that it`s broken now and that I can no longer use it. I`m planning to buy a new one, but I don`t think a new one would surely be a good as my phone is. I`m so sad...


Not The Usual 'I'

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Just last night I`ve dreamt of something weird and really different. But I opt not to give any detail of it... It`s just so weird though and I can`t even take it off my mind as of this writing.

In my search for probable or even hypothetical answers since I`m too curious about that dream, I decided to do what I normally don`t do - read my horoscope [for today]! Yes, I`m not really used to read horoscopes since I don`t think it`s thus relevant or I mean, I`m just not the type of person who easily believes in things like such. But mind you, I`m trying to read my horoscope right now... trying to find some interesting and relevant answers to what I have dreamt of last night. Perhaps by simply doing such, will help me ease or calm down the weird feeling that continues to bother me somehow.

So here are some of the things I`ve got from searching the net [Horoscope for September 28, 2008] which I considered quite relevant to what I have dreamt of:
  • http://www.gotohoroscope.com: Make time to see your family. Singles are distracted by romance when they meet an enticing new love interest on the job. Numerous transitional activities will be exciting. Dare to follow in the foosteps of an ambitious friend tonight.
  • http://my.horoscope.com: Money matters are likely to determine how the day shapes up! A chance to make a few extra dollars will be welcome but you might need to postpone your current plans. You`ll need to decide one way or the other, but bear in mind that tomorrow`s planets may strain your finances.
  • http://astrology.yahoo.com: Utilize more of your creativity, today let yourself go. Express yourself.
  • http://www.indastro.com: Eventful day with focus on issues related to self more than other matters. Happy situation in romance & marriage, while work also throws up positive opportunities.
  • http://www.dailyhoroscopes.net: Enthusiasm requires focus, and this is a good time to regain yours. Big plans and ideal notions may seem to satisfy you less today or just feel unattainable. You may find that what you really want and believe in is getting dragged down by you used to important but with maturity is less fulfilling now.
But in the end, I know it`s still 'I' and only 'I' who shall take the lead for myself and for whatever things that I want to happen in my life today. No one else is thus powerful over myself than I alone [with God as an exemption, of course]. I`m just hoping that I`ll be able to decide what would be best for me today. Regrets? Been to that before and I never would allow any instance to be into such situation again. Like what I always said, I`m a better person now... and surely it`s only 'I' who know what would be best for me for today, or even for tomorrow.


Saturday, September 27, 2008



Hey guys! Guess what? Just been a member of Asia`s first and leading blog advertising community. Yes dear, you`re right... it`s no other than NUFFNANG!

Wow! It`s good to know that Nuffnang has arrived here in the Philippines.

For those who may not know it, Nuffnang is Asia`s first and leading blog advertising community. And it`s a fact that the numbers of their members, may it be a blogger or an advertiser is continuously growing day by day. I`m just glad I`m part of them now since Nuffnang just recently arrived here in my so brilliant country - Philippines!

One thing I love about Nuffnang is their exclusive Nuffnang blogger membership which is better known as GLITTERATI! It`s the best membership ever for all bloggers around. And the coolest part of this feature is the very fact that there`s really no need for you to apply for it anymore since it`s automatically provided to you... I mean, you`ll be automatically included as a Nuffnang Glitterati for as long as you do NOT have any ads from other local networks that originates from South East Asia. What more could you ask for? With the best benefits that Nuffnang Glitterati could ever offer any blogger around, surely `twas already the best that a certain blogger could ever have.

And well, with regards on how to be a member I can say that it`s very easy. All you need to do is to go to their site www.nuffnang.com.ph [better click the site] then click the sign-up online and presto, you`re registration will surely be processed then in 48 hours.

Amazing right? Yes, yes, yes! So for those bloggers around who wants to feel special and taken cared of, this is the best opportunity for you! So be a member now and you`d be the judge!

To Nuffnang Management, thank you so much for bringing Nuffnang here in the Philippines! Kudos!


My Featured Music Video: "WHEREVER YOU ARE" performed by SOUTH BORDER

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[video taken from YouTube.]

I`m featuring another Filipino artist for "My Featured Music Video" post this time. And since I normally feature a music video of a solo artist or a duet, now I have just decided then to feature a musical group which is most commonly known as "band"... specifically or particularly a "pop/rock band".

'Pop or Rock Bands' have long been a part of the music industry. Normally it includes a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, a keyboardist and one or more singer who may or may not be instrumentalists themselves. Their music are generally marked by a consistent and noticeable rhythmic element, mainstream style and traditional structure.

Today, it has been a fact that 'pop bands' have continuously growing in numbers in almost all parts of the world. But despite of this, still there are just few bands which continue to influence me in my life especially with my interest in music. And SOUTH BORDER is just one of them, and that`s the main reason why I chose to feature them for my very first 'pop band' post of "My Featured Music Video"

SOUTH BORDER is actually a Filipino Pop and R&B band formed in the `90s who gained their most recognitions in the music industry especially here in the Philippines in the 2000s. With Jay Durias being the lead and creative genius of the group, they`re just one of the few bands who has nevertheless retained their unique sound and musical sensibility and have even moved up along the latest global trends in music, thus retaining their top spot in their particular music genre.

The music video above is entitled "WHEREVER YOU ARE" performed by no other than SOUTH BORDER themselves! This is actually one of my favorites among their singles, plus the very fact that the music video is awesome and so meaningful... I mean, just by merely watching the video alone you`ll surely understand the meaning of the song. Honestly speaking, the song really hit me! But I`d rather not elaborate, haha.

`twas just so sad to learn that for the nth time, another breakup happened to the group. For those of you who may not know it, `twas actually just last year when Vince and Duncan who happen to be my favorite vocalists of the group [aside from Jay Durias of course], left the band for good... but I can`t blame them. Like what Jay had mentioned on his message people grow and learn a lot of new things and at that point, Duncan and Vince have decided to move on and pursue their career to greater lengths and take a different route. And just like what we always say, "Life comes with a lot of surprises". I just hope that I could still see them singing together even just once in a while. Because as a fan, I will surely miss them.

Anyhow, just enjoy this music video... since they`re still together on this video.


Friday, September 26, 2008


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Yesterday`s Game 2 of the UAAP Men`s Basketball Finals [September 25, 2008] played between Ateneo Blue Eagles and La Salle Green Archers just concluded the UAAP Men`s Basketball Season 71.

With the score of 62-51, Blue Eagles won the Game 2. Thus, making Ateneo bagged the UAAP crown once again.


`twas actually an amazing championship sweep from the Blue Eagles! As they have won the Game 1 last September 21, 2008 and the Game 2 yesterday of the Game-3-Series of Season 71 UAAP Men`s Basketball Finals.

Just like Game 1, yesterday`s Game 2 was extra tight for Ateneo! Blue Eagles really made it sure that they`ll be able to dethrone the Green Archers once and for all. They didn`t give the Archers any chance to manipulate the game. As you may notice, never from Game 1 until Game 2 that La Salle was able to beat the Eagles even just for a quarter.

`twas really an aweful and surprising accomplishment for the Ateneo Blue Eagles! Plus the fact that my idol Chris Tiu proved that he`s still one of Ateneo`s best by gaining 16 points on the Game 2, thus making him the highest pointer. Too bad though that it`s his final year in the league. Anyway, still you did a very good job!

Truly our efforts paid off! Great job fellow ateneans!


For more detailed info and stories, please click on and visit the following sites:
And for more championship pictures, please click on and visit the sites/pages below:


Lazy Strikes Once Again... with Tardy!

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While currently in the midst of working on changing my bad habits for good, unexpected and unnecessary things continue to happen. But hey, it`s not what you`re thinking... I mean, the 'bad habits' that I am referring to is not the same as the usual 'bad habits' that what most people usually think of.

... And just when I thought everything is fine and that I am ready to face a new day with a new me, when suddenly another unforeseen event happened... suddenly from behind Lazy hits me once again! *uck! Pathetic and insensitive as she has always been, she`s really getting into my nerves this past few days. I really cursed the day we met! And how I wish I had never met her at all.

But Oops! Something seems so different... it`s not just the usual feminine touch of Lazy... there`s something else. Something seems to tell me that it`s really not just her at all. But who else in this heck world of mine would do that to me aside from her? Yes, it really seems so different but I wonder who would do that to me other than Lazy? Who else?

Sh*t! Now I remember. `twas not just Lazy herself after all. Lazy has a twin brother... and they`re identical! He`s name is Tardy!

As far as I could remember, `twas the same instance as Lazy when I met Tardy. No proper introduction. Nobody even introduce us to each other. They just came in, and then one day I just realized they`re already a part of me. I even thought before that they`re just a dream which turns to be a nightmare, but hey they`re for real! And I even thought before that Tardy`s better than his twin. But I was perfectly wrong. I`ve realized that he`s really not! He seems to work hand in hand with his twin. And rare are the times when they`re not together and/or working things out together... I mean, whenever Lazy hits you then you have to expect that Tardy will come next. What I just don`t understand, is why they keep on doing things just to pull me down... I never remember any instance that I`ve done them wrong.

Just like his twin, Tardy used to ruin my day. He too comes in even if I didn`t invite him and even if it`s a fact that I don`t need him at all. Maybe they`re just trying to play and fool around with me... Worst they don`t know what proper timing is or perhaps they just really don`t recognize the phrase 'proper timing' at all... or maybe 'proper timing' for them is synonymous to 'bad timing'.

Oh how I hate them. I hate Lazy! I hate Tardy. I hate them both! But why is it hard for me to avoid and ignore them? Why are they always there even if I don`t need them at all?

Now I am thinking... who came first? Was it Lazy or was it Tardy? I bet your guess is as good as mine!

And Hey! Watch your back! You might be their next playmate!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cloud-9 & the Bracelet


Just last Monday [September 22, 2008], a certain special friend gave me this special bracelet as a symbol of our special friendship. And for obvious reason, I called this bracelet "Cloud-9`s Bracelet".

`twas really Cloud-9 when I have received this. And `twas certainly the most wonderful feeling in the world. Knowing the fact that it`s from a special person just adds up to this euphoria.

This will surely be worn wherever I go...

This bracelet will signify one of the most important things that had happen to me and to my life... that once in my life, someone came and made me feel I am important.

Forever this will be treasured and forever you will always be remembered... for I am certain that you`re one part of my life that will surely remains inside my heart whatever happens, even if this bliss comes to its end.

It`s hard to expect that this special friendship and bond we have right at this moment will surely last forever, but I`m still hoping that it will... but I won`t be expecting anything. I`ll just treasure everything that we have right now, and will do everything to make things happen for us... since having you as a special friend is already something that I never expected to happen.

Thank you for the bracelet... and thank you I`ve reached Cloud-9!


Lazy Strikes Again!

[image taken from here.]

Lazy and I aren`t friends at all. She`s so disgusting. She`s too pathetic! I dislike her and never will there come a time for me to like her in my entire life. But what can I do? She keeps on haunting me and unfortunately she`s already a part of me... a part of my life.

She`s the worsiest friend anyone could ever have. And I assure you, she`ll never do any good at all. She`s rather a stalker than a buddy. And an enemy rather than a friend. But even if you don`t want her into your life and even if how much effort you do to avoid her, she`ll surely keep her eyes on you and worst, she`ll surely make it a point that you`ll be able to meet. She`s just always there. She always keeps on watching your moves even if how busy she is, waiting for the right time to strike whenever or wherever you are.

I never ask for her company and never will I want her company, but I`m not certain why she`s always there for me. She`s never invited! She always put me into big troubles rather than giving me a helping hand... and never in my entire life that she didn`t do anything but trouble. She`s a pain in the *ss!

Just last night, Lazy strikes again! Worst, it was during my working hours. As as result, I went to work very late and I slept during calling hours. I`m just too fortunate enough to have a very understanding supervisor `coz if I don`t I would surely be kicked now from the company I`m working because of her.

Oh how I really hate you Lazy! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I know you`re listening and watching me right now, so I want to tell you this... please do me a favor... PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Featured Music Video: "WE COULD BE IN LOVE" performed by LEA SALONGA & BRAD KANE

[video taken from YouTube.]

It`s time again for another "My Featured Music Video". And today, I would like to share this music video of "WE COULD BE IN LOVE" which happens to be my ultimate favorite song of Lea Salonga who happens to be one of my favorite Filipino singers. Ooops, she`s now Lea Salonga-Chien.

"WE COULD BE IN LOVE" is a duet by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane who are the same persons behind the song "A WHOLE NEW WORLD" of the Disney movie "ALADDIN".

Whenever I hear this song, it always brings back old memories - my childhood memories should I say. As far as I can remember, I first heard this song during my elementary years... guess I was Grade 3 then, so just imagine how young I am those days but I can already relate to the song, lol. This is actually my song for my dear beloved friend Troy Amiel Araneta, who happens to be my classmate when I was in Grade 3 and Grade 4 at Tomas Sagon Elementary School, Pagadian City [I just don`t know if this school is still in existence]. Unfortunately we lost our communication when my family decided to transfer and live in Zamboanga City, so until this time I still don`t have any news about him. I`ve been like searching for him for how many years now, but it seems like I`m too unlucky with my search... But still I am not closing my doors to possibilities, and I could say that I am still positive that one day we`ll meet again. Who knows maybe this blog or this post might help me with my search [crossing my fingers, haha]. There are so many things that remind me of him, but the ultimate one is this song, because I actually dedicated this song to him.

With regards to the music video, I`d say that I really don`t like it that much. Maybe from the scale of 1-10 and 10 being the highest, I`ll give it 6.5. Lea was good, Brad was good and the song is really good, it`s just that the music video is most likely just a concept of a certain amateur director. The concept of the video doesn`t really fit the concept of the song. I have nothing against the video or against the director of the video, but maybe it just so happen that they only have limited resources that time... Just imagine how old the video is, and multimedia during those days was not that advanced as what we have right now. Anyway, still I like it coz if I don`t then surely I wouldn`t be featuring the music video at all.

So just enjoy the song...

Note: I personally would like to dedicate this post to a fellow blogger Dave Montero a.k.a miong21 who will be celebrating his birthday on the 30th of this Month. He may not know it, but he`s one of the reasons why I started blogging. Miong, I know how you liked Lea Salonga that much, that`s why I decided to feature my ultimate Leah Salonga`s song just for you. Anyway, Happy Birthday in advance and I wish you good health and contentment in your personal life. I also hope that you`ll have many more birthdays to come... Hope you`ll continue blogging! Thanks again.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thank You...


Thank you Mom... for always buzzing me and ringing my phone just to remind me that you`re just there for me.

Thank you Dad... for always reminding me how to be brave and how to love and understand my work.

Thank you Sis ['Ate' Dhes]... for keeping me updated of what are the latest happenings in our family there in Zamboanga City.

Thank you Aldrin... for helping me reach out to some of our relatives in Isabela.

Thank you Balong [`lil bro]... for your sms 'txt' messages that made me smile whenever I read it.

Thank you Bestfriends [Leah, Hilda and Lucresia]... for reminding me how beautiful life is and for being my best friends and my second family.

Thank you to my superiors... for being so patient with me.

Thank you to all my officemates... for the everyday laughs.

Thank you to all fellow bloggers... for being my aspiration and inspiration in creating this blog and for making me believe that I have the right to blog.

Thank you to all who have visited my blog... for somehow making good traffic and for giving me the spirit to continue blogging.

Thank you everybody... for helping me reach for my dreams and for believing in me...

And above all, Thank God... I have found you.

Thank you... Thank you... Thank you...

Truly there are a lot of things that I need to be thankful of and I can say that Thank you is still not enough to express how grateful I am for everything and for all of you guys... and for those who I have not mentioned here, I do apologize and I`m asking for your understanding.

Life is beautiful and wonderful! So let us all enjoy what life has to offer us.

Muchisimas Gracias contodos otros!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yahooo! BLUE Wins Game 1...

Weeee, despite of all the dramas and unnecessary things that had happened to me this week I`m still glad that there is a good news!

Though I wasn`t able to watch the tube yesterday because of several reasons, but mainly because I had an appointment with my officemates, still I`m very glad to have heard the good news.

Ateneo Blue Eagles takes the Game 1 from La Salle Green Archers yesterday, September 21, 2006, by 69-61. Wow, they just made me more proud to be atenean. Hehe. Thanks to Rabeh Al-Hussaini for scoring 31 points in the game and to all those who played and contributed scores, thus making Ateneo emerged victorious for the very first game of the UAAP Finals Season 71.

[image taken here.]
Too bad, that my idol Chris Tiu had had early foul troubles which just made him to score only 2 points at the end of the game. But I know and I believe you did your best! I`m still proud of you. Hehe.

Watch out for the game 2 of the Best-of-3 game series this coming Thursday at the Big Dome, September 25, 2008. And watch how we`re going to get the title once again!

Fellow ateneans, more more more Cheer please. Raise your Blue flags and shout... GO BLUE EAGLES! Fight, Fight, Fight!

For more UAAP Finals update, you can visit this two sites which happens to be my two favorite sports blogs and UAAP game sources [aside from the TV of course]... Kudos!


Eat All You... Can`t?

Just wanna share one of my most unforgettable experiences this year. Whatchutink mommy burns?

Almost two weeks ago, I and 10 of my officemates headed by Mommy Burns planned for a certain get-together weekend party for the purpose of strengthening our bond and sort of a team-building for us. Of course, the plan is set after our payday on the 20th of September - which just happen to be yesterday.

Originally, the plan was to eat dinner at a certain restaurant here in Cebu City which offers seafood meals for a cheaper price, then bar-hopping, videoke, and drink drink drink... but due to some important reasons and important appointments, we just then decided to do the first one which is to eat dinner together.

Everybody agreed to have dinner at TONG`S, a certain 'eat all you can' Filipino restaurant located at Cebu City [just near PASEO] because accordingly, they offer seafood meals plus the price is right. For only P170.00, you can already eat all you can eat... much cheaper than what I thought of. And the set time was 7:00 PM sharp!

I`ve always liked seafood meals since I`ve grown up in Zamboanga City where seafood is in abundance. And I never had bad things to say about any 'eat all you can' restaurants until recently during our get together dinner party. I can`t speak for my officemates who were in my group, but surely I`ll speak based on what I have experienced.

The idea of eating at a certain 'eat all you can' restaurant for me was very good. Of course it`s a fact that `twas not my first time eating in such kind of restaurant since there are plenty of those in Zamboanga City. But never did I realize that my thought about 'eat all you can' restaurant was perfectly wrong. Especially if you`ll be asked or worst, be forced to eat those foods you can`t already consume...

`twas 7:06 PM when I, Carol, and Mommy Burns arrived at TONG`s 'eat all you can' restaurant. We were surprised to see our other officemates to have been there on time plus the fact that almost everybody was there except for AJ who accordingly can`t really make it since she had a more important thing to do [more important than us, AJ?]. And I was even surprised when I`ve noticed that Bubbles was too quiet that night [not the usual Bubbles I`ve known for a year who`s talkative and noisy] only to realize the very fact that she`s already drunk. Haha, now that gave me the idea how to zipped her big mouth. Please remind me to bring tequila at work, later [LOL]...

Since we`re too starved already and since my stomach is so empty [again, lemme remind you that I only eat once a day - too desperate to lose weight], we then rushed through the buffet table and look for what`s in store for us. Hmmm, it wasn`t all seafood meals after all not like what Kouka and Dit had told me. Anyway, it`s good to know that there were three dishes I can eat: Baked 'talaba', a certain shrimp dish, and a certain chicken dish... Look so yummy, and I can`t think of anything else but to put it inside my mouth.

To cut the story short, we then ate and ate until we got our stomachs full. And when almost everybody was full, Sandra then decided to ask for the bill... only to be surprised with what the waiter replied. We were asked to finish everything that was on our plates especially the rice. God knows how full our stomachs were that time and to take another spoon of rice would surely make it burst. But accordingly, we have no option but to do it since it`s one of the restaurant policy. Oh *uck! Then they should have told us about their policy right from the very start so we wouldn`t end up that as if they`re forcing us to eat what we can`t already take... It seems like a punishment to me!

I know and it`s a very fact that it`s obviously our own fault. Why in the first place we`d put too much into our plate if we couldn`t even take it all? But fellows gimme a break! Customer satisfaction and customer`s good should always be your first priority. Why would you demand your customers to still eat those left food on their plates when it`s obvious that they stopped because they couldn`t take it anymore? Would you rather let your customers suffer, than to just let it pass and give them some knowledge about your restaurant policy? God knows `twas our first time to eat at your place or should I say, your restaurant... and we`re so offended. Honestly I am suppose to say that your restaurant was good since you offer good delicacies plus the fact that I considered all the dishes I`ve eaten in your place yummy, but because you`ve let me eat all I can`t already take then I decided not give you good reviews! Next time, please let us know your policy before letting us eat what we can`t already eat. Intiendes?

And hey! Lemme tell you this... I know and I am very much aware of the fact that there are many people around the world who are starving for food. And I am not wasting either. I`m even one of the many advocates for humanity who asks for people to stop wasting foods, and stop wasting all the resources we have.

Just a bite of INFO...

For those who may not know it, 'EAT ALL YOU CAN' restaurants are for people whose hunger was often bigger than their budget. The deal with restaurants who offer such dining is an unlimited amount of food usually arranged as a self-service buffet with a fixed price which is suppose to be lower than you can imagine.

This type of restaurant dining had mushroomed in different areas here in the Philippines, most particularly here in Cebu City for obvious reasons.


Just Another Thought... [Think Before You Speak]

What you say and how you say it decribe the real person you are. These two will surely make a big difference on how other people may respond to you. Your words can take you places or worst, it can even come back and haunt you when you least expect it. --- atenean101


`twas the usual Friday night and we`re on our break. `twas the usual Friday night but what made it differ from the other Friday nights I had was the fact that `twas raining and I was hurt and humiliated by a certain colleague, perhaps by not knowing he had really hurt me bad.

On our lunch break [yes dear, `twas called lunch break even if it`s at night time since most of us if not all call center agents here in the Philippines normally works at night following the standard US working hours], we used to eat at our company pantry which happens to be a block away from our building. No choice but to go there since it`s a free meal afterall - one of our benefits should I say, unless you`re not hungry at all or unless you`re rich enough to buy expensive meals to a nearby canteen just beside the company building.

`twas the usual Friday night but `twas raining. So instead of the usual routine, one of our teamleaders decided and requested that the food be delivered to our building since we`re running out of time [can`t wait for the rain to stop, haller!]...

I and one of my closest officemates then managed to went upstairs and use our free time browsing the net while waiting for the food to be delivered and served... I even told a certain colleague to 'txt' [sms messaging system through mobile phones my dear] us when the food is ready...

Just after 5 minutes I received a 'txt' saying that the food was already downstairs. So we hurriedly went down to serve ourselves and to nurture our empty stomachs but only for me to realized that I have just wasted my time waiting for a food that I can`t really eat at all. It turns out that I hurriedly went downstairs just to be upset and totally disappointed, and worst be humiliated!

Why? Well you may not know it, but it`s been a month now that I have been eating just once a day [I`m just too desperate to lose weight you know, lol] and the only time I eat is during lunch break, so just imagine how starved I am that time... and I can`t even think of any other things that time but to eat.

So what about the food? Everybody in the office knew that I don`t eat pork. It`s one of the forbidden foods for me. Do I need to elaborate? Well I prefer not to, since I know they will surely understand it already. As what I have mentioned, everybody in the office is aware that pork is a big NO to me, and even those working in the company pantry knew it. Now how come they did forget? Especially at that time where I`m left with no option but to wait for the rain to stop or to run under the rain just to get my food or to wait for another 15 minutes for a certain pantry assistant to get my food?

What disappointed and humiliated me the most was when a certain colleague suggested me to run through the rain and get my own food! Haller, Are you nuts? Didn`t you know what time was it dear? Did it not come to your mind, that I already wasted half of my lunch break waiting for the food? And didn`t you even realize, that if we`re not only told that our food would be brought at the office, I wouldn`t be wasting my precious time just waiting?

God knows how starved I am that time, and God also knows how you have disappointed and humiliated me. You may not be aware of it, but yes you really did! Maybe you`re not really thinking of what you`re saying... maybe you`re just really out of your mind... or worst, maybe you`re just really born to be so damn stupid! Dear, your suggestion was not really necessary and was not even solicited at all. Fact is, I don`t need your damn suggestion, I don`t need your opinion and I don`t need any of your comments! So if you can think of anything you`d say, and if you can`t say anything other than damn stupid things, then please it would be best for you to just SHUT UP! Unless I asked for it, then that`s the only time you tell me what`s on your mind... is that clear, or should I say, is that UNDERSTOOD?


Just another thought...

One could really hurt someone unknowingly with the words he/she say or the way he/she may say it. Like what most people say, 'once the words leave your mouth, it`s already impossible for you to take them back.' It doesn`t matter at all if how unintentionally the words was said or maybe said. Truly, word[s] can sometimes cut a lot deeper than a sword. And very often we hear people say, "I didn`t mean to hurt your feelings," but if one person really didn`t want to hurt other`s feelings then why couldn`t they be thoughtful enough before they let the unpleasant words escape from their mouth.

I certainly don`t take issue with someone and with the way they try to respond to what I thought of, but it`s just really ironic but true that we are often good to give comments and opinion about a certain issue when it`s not really needed at all, but comes the time when we are asked for it we can`t even say anything at all.

So at the end, it`s best for me to say... Think before you speak!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thank God It`s PAYDAY!

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There are two days in a month that I usually look forward to, and it`s every 5th and 20th. Why? Well it just happen to be our payday! Not the usual 15th and 30th should I say, but it`s far more better... I mean, there is really no need for you to rush through automated teller machines and wait in line for hours just to get your pay, since there are less transactions done every 5th and 20th than the usual 15th and 30th, right?

Anyway, after getting our pay today, some of my officemates and I decided to go for shopping. We actually planned about it for about a month already and I am just glad that we`re able to make it happen. It`s not really the usual shopping where people normally go to malls and look for better wears. I considered ours to be simply different.

We went through a certain thrift store or a surplus store, whatever you call it [we normally call it "ukay-ukay" here in the Philippines] located at Mactan-Cebu, and then we managed to look for wears which are cheaper yet seem to look elegant and expensive. Who cares if it was already used or somebody might have wore it already for several times, what matters for us is the quality of those wears and the lesser amount of money it will cost us.

At the end, I managed to buy a shirt for P80.00, a short for P50.00 and a jacket for P95.00, for a total of P225.00 only! Wow! I was able to saved more. It`s my best buy ever! Haha. See the pictures below, and you`ll be the judge!

Jacket P95.00 Only

Short P50.00 Only

Shirt P80.00 Only


Friday, September 19, 2008

My Featured Music Video: "MY HEART WILL GO ON" performed by CHARICE PEMPENGCO

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[video is taken from

In relation to what I have posted earlier today, I decided to feature CHARICE PEMPENGCO`s rendition or version of "MY HEART WILL GO ON" as "My Featured Music Video" for this particular time.

"MY HEART WILL GO ON" is the theme song of the 1997 blockbuster movie "TITANIC" which was released in 1997. It was written by Will Jennings and James Horner and was recorded and performed by Celine Dion and included in her album "LET`s TALK ABOUT LOVE". Just like the movie, it also became blockbuster and went number 1 all over the world for how many months. And accordingly, it`s also considered to be the second most successful song released by a solo female artist.

The music video above is actually a live performance of Charice Pempengco with David Foster on Oprah`s show last September 9, 2008. I can say that it`s just the same as the usual live performances videos you often see or watch, but if you`ll listen to it carefully you`ll definitely know the difference... I just loved the way Charice sang "MY HEART WILL GO ON" on this video. Her rendition or version of the song is truly different from the original one. It`s simply amazing and brilliant! Absolutely, she made the song her own. Hope she`ll be able to record this song in her upcoming album, and for sure I`ll grab a copy. Haha.

Anyway, I hope you`ll enjoy the video...



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[image taken from here.]

I was about to post this the other day but unfortunately I wasn`t able to do so, since I`ve been so busy at work and a bit unwell for the past few days. And also for the reason that I want this post to be perfectly written for the benefit of Charice Pempengco`s continuously growing numbers of fans who happens to be from different sides of the world.

But first of all, I would like to thank falsevoice for these wonderful videos I am featuring here for my article. Fact is, there are so many YouTube Videos about this September 15, 2008 duet performance of Celine Dion and Charice Pempengco, but I personally chose falsevoice`s videos for I am certain that these are all quality videos and for the very fact that I commend him[her] for everything, and for being one of the instruments of Charice`s stardom.

To falsevoice, I know and I`m pretty sure that you`re happy right now seeing where Charice is...


If you have read the previous article I`ve written and posted here about Charice, "CHARICE PEMPENGCO on OPRAH! [The 2nd Time Around]", then you`ll surely know about this invitation from one of the world`s best music icon Celine Dion.

Last September 9, 2008, Charice was invited for the second time by Oprah herself to be her guest on her show [Not to mention that her whole show for that certain episode was actually dedicated to Charice]. At the end of the show, Oprah granted one of the young Filipina singer`s wish which is to meet [or even sing] with one of her idols in the international music industry, Celine Dion.

Charice was really surprised and happy about it. And to cut it short, she was eventually invited by Celine to be the latter`s special guest, to sing a duet with her on her concert on September 15, 2008 at the Madison Square Garden [the world`s most famous arena].


Just like other local singers [or even those who are aspiring to be a singer] of various countries around the globe especially here in the Philippines, Charice is fascinated and truly inspired with Celine Dion and her music, and she even considered herself an avid fan of the latter. Being known internationally and having that great and amazing voice are some of the reasons why Charice idolizes Celine. And of course, it`s just normal to say that as an avid fan she dreamt of meeting her idol personally and even performing or singing a duet with her. Anyway it`s just a dream, so one could even make things as huge as one wants to see it, right?

But dreams do come true... I mean there are really dreams that becomes reality. And count Charice` dream as one.


... Just last September 09, 2008, a fan was invited by her idol to perform with her. And comes September 15, 2008 when a fan`s dream came to reality...

CELINE DION introducing CHARICE to the crowd on her "TAKING CHANCES WORLD TOUR CONCERT" at the Madison Square Garden on September 15, 2008 [video is taken from falsevoice channel at YouTube]

a duet performance at the Madison Square Garden last September 15, 2008 of CHARICE PEMPENGCO and CELINE DION singing one of Celine`s hit singles "BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME" which is actually dedicated to Charice`s mom [video is taken from falsevoice channel at YouTube]

Charice again proved last September 15, 2008 at the Madison Square Garden that dreams do come true after she had performed a duet with one of her favorite international music icon, Celine Dion.

Dubbed as "Taking Chances World Tour" - a concert of Celine Dion, Celine performed one of her hit singles "Because You Love Me" with our very own Charice Pempengco, and eventually dedicating the song to Charice`s mom - Raquel Pempengco - who according to Charice is her strength.

In the concert, while Celine was singing "Because You Love Me" she managed to stop after several lines and eventually explaining to the crowd why she did that. Then Celine starts by telling the crowd about Charice and Charice Family`s life story. After her lovely introduction of Charice, she immediately invited the young Filipina singer to come up on stage and join her. Then Celine did a bit chat with Charice... and they continue singing the song together.

At the end, the crowd was in awe by their performance. The crowd roared and praised both Celine and Charice and it`s another standing ovation for Charice.

Kudos Charice! You made us all proud again. Truly you`re one of Filipinos pride... Keep it up!

Note: This is not one of Charice Pempengco`s Fansite... This happens to be my very own personal blogsite which accounts all the things that interest and concerns me. But as one of Charice`s fan, I`m posting an article here about her as a contribution to the world for the benefit of other fans and also for the benefit of other people who wants to know more about Charice. So I hope you like it guys. Thanks... --- atenean101


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why insearch4you?

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[image is taken from here.]

You might be wondering until now why my blogsite`s URL is http://insearch4you.blogspot.com?

Why insearch4you when there are still a lot of names or words to choose from, or why not just use atenean101 instead?

You may not know it, but aside from the usual atenean101 being my username and of what most internet people and friends know me for, I`m also known as insearch4you or insearch4u in several sites I have joined and entered [may it be a personal site or just the usual one].

The name insearch4you came across my mind almost two years ago during the time when I almost consider myself alone and helpless and the time when almost everybody around seem to abandon me... I have been known to be a fighter, a well spirited person and an optimistic one, but at that certain point of my life I could say that I almost wanted to give up. At that time, I am like searching for something or for someone or somebody who shall guide me and who shall walk beside me and enlighten my way through the darkness...

Now the question is... why insearch4you and why not atenean101?

http://insearch4you.blogspot.com if you may notice is my very first personal blogsite which accounts all the things that interest and concerns me in the past, in the present and in the future. I have personally published and established it myself [with the help of blogspot and other sponsor sites of course] for the following reasons: • I want the world to know that I exist and continue to exist. • I want to establish huge network of friends. • I want to show the world the wonders of living. • I want to somehow walk beside others who seek for the light [like what I have been through before], or be their inspiration. • Or simply to exchange relevant issues, topics, experiences and stories. • And to share the wisdom I have learned from my continuous search.

Now, since this is my very first personal site, I chose insearch4you rather than atenean101. The word[s] just mean a lot to me. It means a lot of things that I`ve been through and that I`m going to go through in my life. As for my own perspective [as what I have been through], our life is a continuous search... for something... for someone or somebody... for the LIGHT.... or even for our own selves. You may actually say that I am in search for someone special, that I am in search for love, that I am in search for friends, or that I am in search for GOD... or even for myself. Fact is it`s all true as I believe that we continue to live each day searching for so many things that life has to offer. And day by day we continue to account what we have searched for, for this and that particular day.

Life is really the most impossible thing we can really have in this world... and making it possible for us to have, is a challenge and a search we have to face everyday.


Let`s Show Our Support! Vote for the Philippine Nominees for the New 7 Wonders of Nature...

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While browsing a friend`s blog earlier, I noticed a certain post which caught my interest and concern... And exactly the reason why I am posting the issue or the topic here at my blog.

There`s a new campaign in the world, and it`s
THE CHANGE FROM MAN-MADE STRUCTURES TO TREASURES OF NATURE... After the success of the first campaign of New7Wonders Foundation for choosing the "New 7 Wonders of the World", now they have organized the second campaign which is to choose the "New 7 Wonders of Nature". New7Wonders Founder and President Bernard Weber notes, "We are finding the New 7 Wonders of Nature campaign to be excitingly different from the first one. So many breathtakingly beautiful, natural places are still quite unknown to many. From waterfalls to fjords, rainforests to mountain peaks, freshwater lakes to salt flats, we are discovering together the incredible beauty and variety of our planet."

Now what`s the good news? Good news is, for about nearly 300 natural sites in the world which have been nominated for the campaign, four of them are our very own or should I say from Philippines. These nominees are clearly defined as Philippines natural sites or natural monuments that were not created or significantly altered by Filipinos for aesthetic reasons.

Below are the four [4]
Philippine Nominees for the New set of Seven [7] Wonders of Nature in no particular order [Mayon Volcano • Tubbataha Reef • Chocolate Hills • Puerto Princesa]...

According to the GMA News Report, the rank of the sites representing Philippines in the bid for the New Seven [7] Wonders of Nature has gone down... So to ensure that one of the sites will make it to the top 7, then we really need your help. So please support and vote.

For the benefit of other bloggers around and to my viewers/readers, to make it easier for you to support and vote for Philippine Sites which are nominees for the New 7 Wonders of Nature, I decided to post the current live ranking of the Philippine nominees here. All you need to do is to click the "vote now for _____" button inside those live ranking boxes above and presto, your vote[s] are in! But of course your vote[s] will only be officially counted after you fill-out some necessary information required to be filled-out. Anyway it will not take long, so just be patient enough... remember that it`s for our own good.

So what are we waiting for, let`s show them what we`ve got and how supportive Filipinos are! Let`s make a difference... Let`s make things happen for all of us Filipinos.

"If we want to save anything, we first need to truly appreciate it." - Bernard Weber


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tired and Restless...

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While making calls last night, I keep on staring at my watch, at my cellphone`s clock, and at my desktop`s clock... making sure that time is really running and looking forward for it to reach 6:30 AM. I just can`t wait for my shift to end. I just have so many things in mind which I thought I need to accomplish [although I am not really certain if what those things are]... And when I thought time will keep me waiting, I`ve just realized that my shift for this particular day had come to an end.

Tired and restless, these two words best describe my current condition. For the past few days, I have been working so much and so hard on a lot of things [may it be inside or outside my work place] without even thinking of myself. There are also a lot of things that seems to bother me so much which keeps me on thinking and thinking, and thinking and thinking... And it seems like I`m forgetting the fact that I also need a break. And would you believe that for the past few days, I have been sleeping for about 2-4 hours only for a day... I know it`s really my own fault but I just can`t help it. I even remember just the other day, I went to work so sleepy that I can`t even think of anything else but to sleep, and I was just so thankful that I wasn`t caught by my superior that time or else I might have received a certain sanction.

I`m afraid I might have been so selfish to myself lately... and I believe it`s already time for me to make things up...

Guess what? As I am writing this stuff for me to post for this particular day, I really can`t help myself but yawn. I`m just too sleepy already but still manage myself to write this stuff... perhaps it`s because I just want you to be notified. I can`t even think of anything else to post but this... It seems like my mind is so empty that`s why I`m becoming too redundant with what I really feel right now... and I really apologize for this fact but I hope you understand. My mind keeps on telling me to stay awake, but my body can`t take it any longer...

I need to rest now... Maybe I`ll make up when I wake up, or maybe the next day...


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yes, It`s BLUE versus GREEN again!

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[ images are taken here.]

Yeppeeeee! It`s Blue Eagle [Ateneo] versus Green Archer [La Salle] once again, and I am just really so excited.

After beating their respective opponents in the semifinals last Sunday, Blue and Green is about to meet and compete again with each other for the UAAP Championship Title for Season 71 starting September 21, 2008 and it will be a three-game final series. Well, the archrivals will face off again for the fourth time in what could be another championship series to remember [I just hope you can relate with what I mean]. It`s really another event to look forward to, and again I`m just really so excited.

The most heated rivalry that have marked the history of University Athletic Association of the Philippines - Men`s Basketball, will come alive again. What else could I say? Haha. Remember what always happen when this two teams meet? Yes, you`re right. It will surely be one big event to mark the Philippine basketball history for the nth time.

Bitter rivals? Yes, that`s what they always said. But it`s one thing that just adds and spices up UAAP Finals. Since for many, UAAP finals should be Ateneo and La Salle as this rivalry brings more excitement to the Basketball End Season.

Just to recall, Ateneo and La Salle first faced each other in the UAAP finals in 1988 wherein the Eagles emerged victorious. Then 2001 came and it was Archer`s turn to own the title. Just after a year, the two rivals face-off again and the Eagles reowned what was stolen from them by the Archers. And then in 2007 the bitter rivals clashed once more and by this time the Archers made it sure that at the end it will be them who would claim the title.

Now it`s 2008. And it`s Blue and Green again! So please count out other colors for this will surely be just a battle between Blue and Green, okay? So Blue eagles out there, what are you waiting for? It`s about time to cheer again for our fellow ateneans! Raise your blue flags and shout out loud! Animo Animo Agila! Animo Animo Agila! Animo Animo Agila!

Blue Eagles let`s give them ONE BIG FIGHT! Cheers to all Blue Eagles! Cheers to all ateneans!