Saturday, November 28, 2009

We Condemn The Maguindanao Massacre & We Demand Justice For The Victims!

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I and/or we, the sovereign Filipino people, demand justice for all the victims of that Maguindanao Massacre. We condemn this barbaric murdering on innocent civilians as it is an animalistic act of crazy people.

"We, the sovereign Filipino people, imploring the aid of Almighty God, in order to build a just and humane society and establish a Government that shall embody our ideals and aspirations, promote the common good, conserve and develop our patrimony, and secure to ourselves and our posterity the blessings of independence and democracy under the rule of law and a regime of truth, justice, freedom, love, equality, and peace, do ordain and promulgate this Constitution. - Philippine Constitution, Preamble"

We must all unite in condemning this barbaric murdering on innocent civilians as it is an animalistic act of crazy people.

We are urging the government to punish everyone who is involved with this killing of innocent citizens. The full force of the law must apply to insure justice for the victims. No one is above the law.

These actions must come to an end for the safety of our innocent citizens.

The government must clean up these bands of warlords and murders once and for all.

No matter what the cost, these killers must be caught and punished according to the law. No negotiating as they have proven they will not abide by any agreements. They are just murdering animals. And animals do not murder others. They only kill for food. These murders are very barbaric acts and are destroying the good reputation of the Filipino citizens as a peaceful and loving people who respect the sanctity of human life. These killings are destroying the reputation of the Philippines as these acts are making news headlines around the world.

So let us all unite and force the government to act on this - immediately.

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Internet & Gambling When Mixed

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Internet, as just one of the many products of our booming technology, has become more of a significant means of communication. It seems like everything can now be put inside the internet, no matter how impossible we think a certain thing is; from those things of reality, now can be integrated into a virtual one. Example is that rapid and enormous growth of online games.

For online gamers like me, there are indeed a lot of online games around made available for us to cater our different interests and needs. Today, the one that tickles my interest is that online gambling game. And for sure it's not only me who's been tempted of trying the game if only trust and reliability is not a question. But hey, I just learned that there's already an online casino guide made available to the online public who wanted to know more.

Based from what I have heard, it's the slot machines that is more exciting of all the online gambling games available around. This is exactly the reason why there is already a guide to slots online casinos to make it more exciting and interesting. Yet, roulette, blackjack, keno, poker, and many other casino games together with their features that are also available for the benefit of all online casino gamers. Now the question is, which of these games will probably catch more of my interest? I don't know, never played casino before but who knows, I might just play it one of these days...

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

When It Rains...

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Yesterday, it rained...

The same as other people, I find rain as equally pleasing and interesting. While watching it pour, I find myself longing for something, and for someone. Somehow, I am feeling that I am that secluded being, feeling the rain while pondering the meaning of this life. Sometimes, it makes me feel like a cheerful happy soul who's keeping the cheer as he continues to live. But oftentimes, it's giving me the feeling of that downcast broken spirit who would prefer to be drown in sorrow as he hides from the world.

I still remember that rain, the one that poured my place yesterday. It was the same rain that brought me into an intense emotion, a mixture of calmness, sadness, melancholy. For what reason, I don't know... I just felt it.

I guess it is when I am constantly longing for someone and to be with that someone that I tend to love and enjoy the rain. And it is with this situation that I continue to move on, hoping to fix everything and to finally reach the bliss.

Oh rain! You're doing me wonders. You're giving me the urge to keep going, and yes, I am still going. And for sure I'll still be going even if you're gone.

And though I am still wondering why these had always been the case, but I am sure that these happen only when it rains...

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Played Online Gambling?

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Casino games online? Who haven't heard about it yet? Maybe there are still some, but for most people who spend most of their time in their online world, this is no longer an issue. As a matter of fact, its online visibility and the growing numbers of sites who offer this type of game, are just some proof of how it has occupied the online world.

But the question is, have you already tried playing the game? Have you tried playing online casino before?

Last February of this current year, I posted an entry regarding this game. I stated on that post that I have browsed some sites that has caught my interest in playing the game. Now, it has been months already and my mind's still not fix to whether try playing it or not. And several factors are reasons to this.

Like what's written on Wikipedia, reliability and trust are issues that I need to be very careful of, since these two are the most rampant issues online especially that we play online casinos for real cash.

And today I am writing another entry about online casino. So if in case we're both on the same ship, why not try to visit and check if those online slots there may interest you. Just check it, who knows...

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Something's Not Right

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Something is wrong. I know there is, only that it's something that I cannot determine. It seems to drain me all the time and making me lost my drive to continue what I have been passionately doing before. I seem to run on an empty tank all the time that despite of the occasional spark of inspiration, still I am left with just an empty shell and waiting for nothing.

Something's fading. It's fading like the rainbow I have seen the other day after the rain poured my place. And I know it isn't right, something's wrong. It's awfully wrong, in my perspective at least, as it has resulted to my becoming unproductive lately and making my mind a total vacuum.

Something's unclear. For some reason, I have been quite hiding from the majority. Unlike the usual stage-like person that I am, now I am trying to lead myself behind a stage curtain which is blurring things even more.

I saw myself run. And at the same time, I saw myself hide. Now, something seems to confuse me. I am left with the idea that there really is something wrong and as it continues to fade, it becomes more unclear.

Oftentimes, I rush through life busily doing things to foget the past and to not focus on what tomorrow will bring me. All I just see is the path which seems to be just plain, it seems to have no direction indicated, and everything else's just a blur. Maybe, it's really good to have some time alone and take a while to think about things. To appreciate what I have. To find ways to make things better. To imagine.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Life Insurance In French

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If I knew I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself. - Mickey Mantle

Indeed, life is more than just a word that is worth of value. And there's nothing more important in this world than insuring and taking care of it in order for us to live life to the fullest, making it more meaningful and worth living for.

Life insurance is maybe just a thing to many, yet it's more than that. As the saying goes, we live in this world just once. That's the reason why there is comparatif assurance vie made available for French people to help them protect and insure their life. Reliable and insuring as it is, it offers pret immobilier and mutuelle complementaire sante which would better assist them with their different needs in terms of insuring life as a whole.

Lucky are my French buddies for they have this kind of insurance made available for them. It's easy, convenient and more economical, or should I say practical, that would surely suit not only their needs but as well as their taste.

In life, we can never avoid unwanted and unexpected occurrences of events. So I believe that it would be better for one to take life insurance especially if one value the gift of life that's been given to him/her.

Let's live life to the fullest and continue our purpose of living.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Because My Mind's Still Not Fixed

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As I begin composing this note, please be informed that I am not at my best. The complexity of this atmosphere surrounding me is giving me reasons to be out of focus but this shan't be a reason to not finish this post. Not at this point where the need to reach out to all of you is not only a must but more than that.

Been sitting here for hours yet my mind still not fixed. Wondering, thinking of how to word my entry this time in a wish not to sound pathetic or worst, disappoint anybody. But I bet it would be better if I just dive in head first and then speak up my mind and just say what I need to say hoping that everybody will take into consideration that everything's pointed here with nothing but the best of intentions.

Hiatus. This best describes what I have been for almost a month. But for sure it's not just because of some silly and pathetic reasons. And the same as before, reasons for this hiatus are aplenty but I shan't disclose any here.

Since after a week of hiatus, I've been overwhelmed receiving emails, comments and private messages asking where I've been and of why there's no new post for them to read. To quote one buddy's comment,
"For some very, very weird reason, I can't see an update of your entries in my blogger dashboard. Very bad. Tsk."
And to this buddy, I am sending my apologies. For sure, my absence is never an intention to disappoint anyone. I thank all for being so supportive and concern enough, I really do appreciate the fact that despite of my hiatus you continue to visit and check my blog. This alone gives me the reason to be more grateful of this life. And this alone is already an achievement, a fulfillment of one of my purposes.

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