Saturday, November 29, 2008

GET THE BOND WIDGET and get a chance to win a Sony Ericsson C902 Cyber-shot phone!

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As I am writing this post, I am hoping at the same time that it's not yet late.

Anyway, I've just read a certain post right at this very moment regarding this interesting promo of, so I just then decided to join. I am so interested to win the Sony Ericsson C902 Cyber-shot phone that they're giving-away. Who wouldn't be interested anyway? I'm trying my best luck. Who knows I might just be the winner.

Joining the promo or should I say the contest is very easy, but first be sure you're from Philippines since it is only valid for a resident of the Philippines. All you need to do is to simply GET THE BOND WIDGET, post it to your blog, website, or even your social networking profile, then register through the promo website and presto, you'll get a chance to win the Sony Ericsson C902 Cyber-shot phone! Yes, it's just that easy.

Promo starts from November 4 and ends on November 30 of the current calendar year. So what are you waiting for. If you are a resident of the Philippines like me, then why not join now. Less than 48 hours from now and the lucky winner will be chosen. Good luck!

For more detailed info about the promo and to know more about the mechanics, please do visit or simply click HERE for the direct access to the promo. Again, Good luck!


Friday, November 28, 2008

My MyLot`s Best Responses - Volume I

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Not too long ago, I've written a post regarding an online community that I have just joined. I'm talking about MyLot, an online community that pays you for your contribution or for simply participating in the community discussions. And it works, I mean, it really works. For almost two months now, I could say that I am doing good in the community and yes, I am making some amount of money too, it may not be as lucrative as what you may expect it to be, but it's something that you wouldn't be able to find in other communities.

For almost two months, I have been active within the community. I've been an avid reader of several discussions. And I have also participated in several discussions that interest and concerns me. What is more rewarding in this community is the fact that your comments or responses got the chance to be noticed and be bagged as the best response, that is of course if your response would suit the taste or the interest of the one who created the discussion.

Now, because of this, I came-up with the idea of posting those responses of mine that were bagged as the 'best responses'. And hey, don't be misled, I am not bragging... Thing is, I just want to share some issues that might interest you as well. And the following responses might not be a best response to you, in that case, I care less, and like what I have just mentioned, these responses were actually chosen as the 'best response' by the one who created the discussion and not by me.

Anyway, here are some of those best responses that shall be part of 'My MyLot's Best Responses - Volume I'

Are you a good speaker or a good writer?

I am not good in writing nor in speaking. I do not know why I do not have such talents. When I saw good speakers, I get jealous. I asked myself why I can't do that. When I read newspapers or magazines, there are lots of good writers. Why I am not one of them. It is very difficult for me to easily get an idea and start explaining it. Usually starting a discussion would bery very difficult. But when I have started already, it would be difficult for me to end. In writing, coherence, unity, and emphasis are very important. I do not know how to use them. Can you help me?


Being a good writer or a good speaker doesn't only mean that you really have to be really good with it. All you need is confidence, I mean, you should really believe in your ability and in yourself that you can do it. There's really no such rule on how to be a good writer and a good reader... you just have to be spontaneous and of course you must really know exactly your topic and what you are talking about. Also you have to give your stand about the topic and just explain all the things that you know about the topic. Again, there's really no exact rule at all. It's actually more on how would your reader or your listener would rate you. So just be confident enough in whatever you write or whatever you talk about. Because in the end, it's them who shall decide how good you are and nobody else.

Do you think parents are the best teachers or not?

We have many teachers in our life. Our parents teach us, our teachers teach us, our friends teach us. Books and newspaper also teach us. They are all valuable. And many people in our country say parents are the best teachers, do you think so?


Yes, I certainly believe that they are! But it's just a matter of how would a certain parent would teach their kid/s... Brighter future really depends on how you're going to teach your child today.

And why do I certainly believe that they are? Because whatever the parent does, the child follows... Get me? I mean whatever example you teach your child and whatever example that they'll be able to see in you, they would surely follow. So better be watchful and careful with your actions and words and better teach them those that would surely benefit them... for it will lead them to who they are in the future!


So these are all for now. Be back with my volume two, just keep posted.


Bringing Football Much Closer to You with a Football Web TV Channel

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Football is one of the games that I surely love to watch on its actual scene or even just on television. And it is one of the sports that I consider the best and one of my favorites. It's just so exciting that I could even say that the thrill doesn't stops even until the end of a certain game.

As a football game fan, I always see to it that I am able to watch the game even if it's just on tv, especially those games that I consider special like those games of my favorite team. But knowing the fact that I do have a very dynamic working schedule makes me worry a lot of times. Also, sometimes or should I say most of the time, the game seems too quick that made me want to repeat it again and again, if only it is possible.

Good thing that just recently Carlsberg Brewery launched and introduced a football web TV channel showing all aspects about the game, which is the It is indeed good news to me since it would only mean much easier access to the game that I love. This unique idea would surely bring football much closer to a fan like me. Isn't that exciting?

Anyway, for those of you guys who are a big football fan like me, better visit Carlsberg web-tv for more detailed info about the mentioned web-tv and learn more about bringing football much closer to you.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am a Proud Sponsor of Serradinho`s Contest

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An online blogger buddy is having a contest that's just right for you this holiday season. And yes, I am glad to be one of his contest's sponsors.

Serradinho of welcomes you all to his contest which he named after him - Serradinho Contest. Everyone's invited to join. Yes, you read it read it right, everyone! But be sure you know the rules, of course. And hey, great prizes awaits you guys, so why not join now.


There is a total of 40 points and they are all very basic to get. This should take you 15 minutes or less. Each point represents an entry in the contest.

1. Blog about the contest along with the prizes and sponsors links and link back to his post and receive 20 points. Please supply your URL. Download the full details here of the contest and copy and paste it in your html editor. Mulitple blogs/websites mean multiple points.

2. Subscribe to Serradinho feed via Email and confirm your subscription and receive 7 points. If you are already subscribed, please leave details in your comment.

Enter your email address:

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3. Sign up for some free pixels and use the same email address as in step two above and receive 8 points. Some of you might already have free pixels, that's cool by him. Just leave your details in comment.

4. Place his contest's banner on your website for the duration of the contest and receive 5 points. You can copy the code below or just save the banner. Please leave location in your comment.

Serradinho Contest on Now!

Copy the Code:

Serradinho Contest on Now!

Copy the Code:

Entrecard Credits: 5 winners will be selected

Text Ads: 2 winners will be selected

125x125 Banners: 5 winners will be selected

Main Prize: Only 1 winner will be selected


This contest ends on the 19th of December 2008 at 20:00 GTM+2. So go back to after the 23rd of December and check if you are one of the winners! This will enable me enough time to sort out all the details.


Monday, November 24, 2008

My first Sony experience is with my Sony Walkman

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Sony is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to gadgets. Exactly the reason why I always check and choose Sony products over other brands.

Way back at home, in our family, we always trusted Sony brand. And Almost all of our gadgets at home are Sony... be it our tv, betamax, radio, camera and even cellphones. I still even remember my mom saying "if it's not Sony then expect tomorrow it would be a junk." Oh boy, she's definitely a fan, lol.

I have seen and experienced a lot of Sony. It has always been my partner when it comes to gadgets, eversince. Through thick and thin, it did not fail me. It really last like forever.

I really do have a lot of experiences already with Sony gadgets, but my real first experience that I could surely say my own Sony gadget, is with my Sony Walkman. I bought it myself with my first salary as a part time DJ - Disc Jockey of a certain FM station in Zamboanga City. As far as I could remember it's more than just a thousand that time. And hey, more than a thousand is really not just something to me, since I consider myself more than just a thrifty person plus the fact that my first salary is really not that big at all, considering that I am just a part time DJ. But who the hell cares, I like it and I love it.

The feeling was ecstatic! Buying an expensive gadget is not soooo me. But then again, who the hell cares, afterall it's still worth my money... and even more than that. It has an FM/AM function and a recording function as well, plus a built-in speaker and a mic where I could record any sound or music that I like, anywhere and anytime.

Most of my friends knew that I am a real music lover, and how musically-inclined I am as a person. Music is a big part of me. I could even say that I couldn't really live in a world without music. Now, that's definitely one of the reasons why I bought Sony Walkman. With Sony walkman, my world turned into a real world that is really fun-filled with real pleasure. No day was considered boring. The sound's just so smooth and it's comfortable to my ears. And what made it really great was the fact that it was like a portable radio that I could carry whenever or wherever I go. Do take note that it's still the most convenient form of portable radio that time.

I still really love my first sony walkman even if I have my Sony Ericson Walkman Cellphone now which is more portable and convenient. I still use it with my cassette tapes especially that most of Regine Velasquez's (my lifetime favorite Filipino singer) album that I have are on cassette tapes.

My Sony walkman's experience is indeed a pleasure and a great experience too. It had been a great part of my student career before as a one of the university journalists, and of my DJ career as well. And so I am really thankful for that. It definitely gave significance in my life just like the World’s First 24.6 MP Full Frame DSLR: α900 DLSR Camera which will definitely capture my most memorable moments... Be it the happiest, the funniest or even the saddest.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cebu Bloggers Society Meets Nick of

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Yesterday was indeed another great Saturday that is full of fun for me...

Haven't had enough sleep, still I decided to meet my CBS family yesterday at Bo's Coffee at Ayala Terraces, for a meet-up with one of the men behind, Nick. And as what I have expected, I was late again (never been that punctual eversince, haha). But its better be late than not meeting Nick at all.

It is indeed a great pleasure meeting one of the most inspired Filipino political bloggers, plus the fact that he's very nice and friendly. Nick seems to have a lot of things in his mind, and I was really amazed of the fact that he's still so much attached and involved with our country especially with our government despite of him residing at a different world already (he happens to be a Filipino-American, but 100% pure blooded Filipino), unlike some other Filipinos out there who seem to have forgotten where they came from. I admire his views on various issues and important matters here in the Philippines. Accordingly, he lives on political as well as social news, and he often writes about these topics too. He has his personal blog at which he started in the year 2006. Truly, Nick is one of the most passionate Filipinos I have ever encountered.

If incase you want to know more about this guy, you may simply log on to and read more of his written articles and of course an in depth description of him on their About Page section.

And I'll quote what had Nick said on his letter that he had given us on the meeting:
I meet new bloggers, new colleagues, and new friends. With this initial meeting, is a start of a new day in the Philippine Blogosphere. In terms of Political and Social Blogging, and Filipino Voices to be specific, we are going to start a movement where citizen journalism can contribute to the knowledge base of informed Filipinos.

Below are some of the pictures taken by my fellow CBS members that highlights what had happened on and after the meet-up...

... the group while on discussion with Nick...

... taking pictures at a certain spot of Ayala Terraces...

... then some of us had our dinner together...

Today is the beginning of the Cebu Bloggers' participation in a grassroot movement that will take back our voice, and finally give back to the people, the power that is rightly theirs...

Today is just the beginning. There are still a lot of things in store for us. I want you to witness how we, Cebu Bloggers Society, will spread our wings and soar high. Just watch out...


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical

Just earlier this month, I have told you great news about the popular online eyeglasses shop who offers reliable and effective prescription eyeglasses that is of quality at an affordable price. Yes, it is no other than Zenni Optical.

And now, I am about to tell you again another great news about them.

This holiday season I know everybody's craving for online shopping, and I bet you're also looking for great stuffs at a great bargain, just the same as I do... Well there is no more need for worries, because definitely and absolutely, you will come across a certain online shop who would surely offer the best bargain ever, and of best quality of course.

But hey, when it comes to eyeglasses, there is only one online shop that I could surely recommend to you this holiday season. And yes, I am talking about the Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical.

Zenni Optical never stops amazing their customers, and that is really for sure. The popular online eyeglasses shop is more than that actually, so to speak with. With their bunch of holiday glass frames, you would surely be able to choose what's best for you. And I have even chosen mine, and it's actually the picture I have included in this post which is shown above. Oh, I just love it.

Did I just mention eyeglasses that are of quality at an affordable price? I surely did. Because at zenny, you could surely avail $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses. Now this is what I call best bargain!

So what are you waiting for, online shoppers? Be sure you have this on your shopping lists these holidays!


Surveys Answered for Today...

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Spitz Tunes Now

Get it going with dNeero

A Yo-Yo Holiday

Sports Clothing for Exercise, Play, and ...?


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yes, Life is Really Full of Surprises...

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The world we live in consists of order and disorder. The laws of nature are evidence of order. The many laws are so dependable that we often forget about the chaos in our midst. Yet, uncertainty, unpredictability, randomness, the unanticipated and the unexpected are equally enmeshed in our lives. Unfortunately, the words we use to describe chaos evoke negative images such as insecurity and instability.

Sometimes, things don't work out the way we want them to. It's not a perfect world, and there is no script to life that will tell us what to do, and when to do it. And all day long there are surprises waiting, and we can just find ourselves smiling, laughing, or even crying. We can discover a client who appreciates our efforts, a boss that knows our skills, an employee who will go the extra mile for us, a neighbor who offers a hand, or even the other way around.

Life is full of surprises and uncertainties, but we have to roll with all of those things and not let them stop us.

Just yesterday everything seems to be so fine, I and my colleagues at work were like smiling, laughing and dancing all the way. We're even singing out loud our joy for the world to hear us. We had had really fun. And it was really great looking at each other smiles while talking about things related to our life and most especially to our work... Until something unexpected happened...

But then, everyday is an individual day. We do not know what the new day will bring. And it does not mean that if we're happy yesterday then we would still be happy today. Again, life is full of surprises... It just started like an ordinary day to an amazing day or even to a day that one may consider a nightmare.

I started my day of work with a list of phone calls which I had to make. But now, I started it with filing an application for other companies and even taking an interview for a new job. You might be wondering if why this is the case, but I apologize if I won't be able to disclose the real story behind this as of this writing.

NO, it's not what you are thinking, and it is not even bad or good. Thing is, life had just offered me another surprise for another chapter of my life. It is another surprise which somehow I have had anticipated before, yet it's still part of life's reality and of my life's journey.

You don’t want to miss it, do you?

It’s true, life is full of surprises. We never know where and when, but truly there are endless surprises anywhere and everywhere. They can be around any corner just waiting for us… I’m not kidding, you better watch out. It’s waiting and ready to jump out, so let's keep our eyes wide open and look.

Enjoy it. If life is boring to you do something different to jazz up your life. Afterall, life is full of surprises.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Friendster & Its Current Issues

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It has been almost a week now and as of this writing, still the issue or the problem is there, unresolved... And as of this writing, still I am wondering what the real score is or what seems to be the real problem.

Friendster, a social networking pioneer that lost its crowned position due to uptime and server response issues is now facing the same music once again. According to Pingdom, a website uptime monitoring service, the site is down since November 13 and faced 18 hours of downtime on November 14. Too good, their are not many social addicts on Friendster now, else they would have been banging their heads to walls by now.

Since Thursday of last week, November 13, my Friendster connection seems to always have problem with its connectivity and it always shows an error. But the question is, is it just really me? Or are you guys having trouble too?

Certainly I won't raise this question or this issue or even write a post about it, if I am not totally disappointed. Yes, you bet I really am! Just yesterday when I opened my Friendster account (please do take note that I open and check my Friendster account almost everyday), I thought everything's back to normal... and I thought it was a relief, but hey, just after a few minutes the error occurred again!

You can call me an avid Friendster fan, member or user, but yes, right now I am starting to turn the other way around.

I was on my Yahoo Messenger, when some friends buzzed me up and said...
"OMG what happened to friendster, my friends are all deleted!"
"I wanted to check my Friendster too but it took forever to get to the HOME PAGE."
"When i signed on... it was taking forever"
"Friendster just logged me out? Did it take my password or something?"

List of some issues and problems that were raised by most friendster members or users that so far I know and of occurrences as of this writing...
  • missing pictures
  • server interruption
  • deleted friends
  • can't open 'my' profile
  • reduced number of friends
  • increased number of friends
  • connectivity errors
  • other 'hacked' issues
I have even over heard some rumors that keep on spreading online and offline about a virus called h4xornytmare that accordingly damaged and infiltrated their database.

The issue should have not gone this far if the Friendster management has just been concerned and considerate enough with their users and their reputation as well. They should have atleast considered notifying their users about the current error or problem, because it seems like we're all lost.


Monday, November 17, 2008

An Open Message To "Mr Complicated"

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Just let me love you in silence...

I am so sorry for having no guts and strength to talk to you at all. And besides, I also don't know if you're open for a talk with me the time when I thought that I am already ready to gamble almost all of my chances in the depth of the cold dark night.

I kept myself in silence despite of the fact that I know for sure that it's useless. It's useless this time in a sense that there are things that despite the heart keeps on telling me what needs to be done but still my mind needs to push it for the words to be heard. Yes, there are really certain things that are better to be heard while feeling it.

I just don't have the guts, the strength and the confidence...

You'll lose nothing, I know it for sure. But Me? A lot! Just like the chance to hear your answer that you could also love me the way I love you, just incase.

I know, it's been a long time that I have been keeping this... that I have regretted the chances that I should have taken advantage of, to tell you all the words about what I really feel for you.

On the other hand, I have thought, that in this very complicated world of ours, I wish I should have gotten the chance to hear you saying the things that might take me out of this complication and confusion... even if how sad or bad it is...

Wish I have already told you immediately.

I always try to ask myself, my friends, and other people that I know, but there's really nobody who could answer my question but you and me. Yes, it's only YOU and ME.

I don't know how or in what way should I read you. The truth is, I really don't know if I could really read you at all... Complicated! Yes, you are too complicated and that fact only adds up to those things that I find really hard to explain.

On the other side, I guess I also should be thankful for not being that confident. Because maybe there's really a reason why I am scared... of why I have really been that scared... that maybe I couldn't take the truth that you are to say, even if how good that thing is or the other way around.

And because of this, I am thankful.

What I am saying is... just let me love you in silence...


Cebu Bloggers Society`s Meeting at FIGARO

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Just last Saturday, November 15, Cebu Bloggers Society conducted a meeting held at Figaro - Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City. The agenda was to discuss issues raised by some group members concerning the group’s growth, expansion and organization... issues that needs to be discussed and solved immediately.

It was Saturday and I am just about to have my rest day. But despite of lack of rest and sleep, still I decided to appear and contribute whatever I can contribute in the said meeting.

Then, I was impressed when I realized how clever the group members are and how really involved they are in the group.

Among the individual specific issues tackled were (details of which will be posted in the CBS forums):
  1. How to become part of the group (qualifications, requirements, procedures, etc.)
  2. Migration of group discussions (from the CBS YG! to the new CBS Forums)
  3. Username to be used in forums (real name or alias)
  4. Events and Plans ••• Defcon Philippines Bloggers’ conference with Semprix (moved to December 14, 2008, Sunday) ••• Defcon Beer Talk: Soft Launching of Defcon Philippines ••• Plans for Sinulog 2009 coverage ••• CBS Christmas Party ••• CBS 1st Founding Anniversary (February 14, 2009, Saturday)
Here are some evidences taken:

... the heated group discussions...

... after the heated discussions and when the meeting was about to end, we decided to have our group picture...

... and some of us decided to bond still after the meeting was adjourned...

... hell yeah! I like this candid shot by evan john. thanks...

The meeting was adjourned at around 8pm.

Photos Courtesy of: Evan John, Clarence, Sinjin and X.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Milet's BDJ Planner 2009 Giveaway

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Milet's having a mini-giveaway. Yes, you've read it right, after the success of her 'Just For Kicks Contest' she's having another contest again but this time it's just a mini-giveaway according to her. And it's a way of saying 'Thanks' to those who have participated in her previous contest and making it a success.

Anyway, in her mini-giveaway, she’s giving away 2 BDJ Planner to 2 lucky blogger who would blog about the contest and answer this question:

“What are the names (please include the url) of my four blogs?“

My answer:

This contest is open to all. She’ll be shipping it via AIR21. If the winner is residing outside the Philippines, she’ll send the planner either via FEDEX or postal mail (if sending via FEDEX would cost her a fortune). One blog = one entry.

Also, after blogging about the contest please leave her a comment with a link to your entry please also include where the planner will be shipped in your comment.

Winners will be announced on November 30, 2008.

Goodluck to all of those who will join the contest especially to me. Haha.

P.S. I just really love to have the planner so I am praying hard to be one of the lucky winners. God help me. *Yes, I am serious!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

CONTEST: Momma Wannabe's Thanksgiving Contest

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They just turned 6! Six beautiful years ago, they became ONE and she's very thankful that she was one of the lucky ones to find her perfect match...

And in regard to everything that she's thankful of, Mommawannabe came up with her very own contest.

The contest will be running from Oct.26,2008 to Dec. 1 2008.

What can you win in her contest? 54,500 ECs are at stake and lots of Premium Ad spots and other great prizes!

Grand Prize - 15,000 ec credits , 8 premium ad spaces plus you can choose 4 bonus prize
  1. 10,000 ec credits from Momma Wannabe
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  13. 125x125 ad for 1 month at PR3
  14. 125x125 ad for 1 month at PR3 Bad Evan

2nd Prize - 10,000 entrecard from the following sponsors plus you can choose 3 bonus prize
  1. 1500 ec credits from Positive Life
  2. 2000 ec credits from Seek No More
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3rd Prize - 9000 entrecard from the following sponsors plus you can choose 3 bonus prize
  1. 2000 ec credits from Everything Has a Reason
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4th Prize - 8000 entrecard credits plus you get 3 bonus prizes

  1. 1000 ec credits from Fantasy Baseball Advice
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Bonus Prizes:

Free Advertising

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Special Prizes
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Special Prizes - 2 Top Points Earner will share the following prizes
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For those who are interested to join the contest, for more detailed info about the contest, please do visit Mommawannabe's site. Thanks...