Monday, December 1, 2008

A Closer Look to Understanding AIDS

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Today, is the very first of December. As we start the festive and the holidays, and as we face the importance of this much awaited month, we have to also create and build a strong awareness on the issue of HIV/AIDS, as the world celebrates World AIDS Day at this very day.

“HIV/AIDS has now become a pandemic that has literally put the world at risk, affecting diverse populations in different ways”. –Dr. Nora Volkow, NIDA Director

Today is another day to create global awareness about HIV/AIDS that would present an opportunity for all of us - people worldwide to unite and build a strong stand in the fight against these pandemic diseases.

There have been an increase in number of people who are living with HIV or worst AIDS, and it continues to rise in every part of the world. HIV/AIDS has been a global epidemic... a real global epidemic that has affected millions of lives already. Despite of being so widespread, misconceptions about these diseases and how they are spread are still rampant. Most people, if not all, have just little idea or should I say have no idea at all, about how they could get HIV/AIDS, and I would set myself as an example. Thus, this acts as a major obstacle to its effective prevention. Making matters worse than expected is the stigma which is attached to it, with entire families being excluded just because they happen to have HIV/AIDS.

Remember that there's still no cure for AIDS, so it would be best for one to enhance his awareness of the issue and protect himself.

The time is now. Together, we can prevent the spread of this pandemic – through awareness, care, prevention, education and research.

For you to better know HIV/AIDS please do visit the following sources of information.

NIDA’s Learn the Link Campaign

More Resources

The Federal government has developed a wealth of HIV/AIDS testing, prevention, treatment and research information. In addition, the following are some of the many resources you can use to help response to HIV/AIDS.


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