Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Driving My Dream Car

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Driving has always been my passion since I was just a kid. It has interest and influenced my life so much that I could say I have started learning it in my early childhood years. It has taught me a lot... on how to focus, to reach no limit or boundaries and to never be afraid.

It really has struck me today while I am on my way to work to see more and more professionals who have managed their career and their lives well while they drive their own cars. I wonder how good the feeling is, driving a car of your own especially when it’s the one you have been dreaming of... Happy? Proud? Contentment? But whatever the feeling is, I know for sure that it would be more than just the word "good" and perhaps, "better" would do.

Insecurity and jealousy hit me once again! It has been years already since I have dreamt of having a car of my own - my dream car... dynamic, elegant, quality and best value. And for the past 2 years, I have been working hard, double time, to somehow realize the dream...

But come to think of it, finding cars that is of best deal has never been that easy. Instead, it can be very daunting, considering the fact that we're now living in a revolutionary age where there are huge numbers of good stuffs to choose from. Yes, choosing and getting the great deal for cars is indeed a very tricky task that would surely need careful consideration and clever justification. Practicality has always been the best policy, they say, but for me, getting what is of quality with a justifiable price still what matters.

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