Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Change In Me...

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At a certain point of my life, I felt really lost, lonely and useless... and that I was born to be unlucky and unhappy. Shame on me, because I have nothing to complain about and yet I am still complaining.

While watching people around me and after religiously reading some personal blogs of my favorite bloggers, I have realized that I could not really go on like this... I mean, life's passing me by and yet I was not doing anything good with it... and that I was not doing anything at all. Worst, I was ruining things the way that I should not be doing so.

As of this writing, I am trying to just have a real good look at my life, and I have pulled myself together. I have somehow built my self-esteem... and I could say that somehow, I have become positive, stronger, determined, and a happier person now more than the person I was before. And I am not afraid to be my real self anymore... to pursue what I have been dreaming of, and to even speak my mind.

I have been trying to do well and I am doing my best to be there for those persons that are close and special to me: my family and friends. I try helping out whenever I can. It maybe just on a much smaller scale than what others do, but the thing is, I have been trying to reach out to them... and for me, making a certain friend smile because you have helped her carry her things, is so fulfilling.

Truthfully, you... you know who you are (not the one I am with in the above picture), you are one of those individuals whom I should really be thankful of... you're one of those people who have made me feel good about myself again. And I am really so thankful that sometime in my life, you came... You have made me learn to smile and laugh about life again... yes, I am tired of giving out a fake smile, and I am glad.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being such a wonderful person and in particular for staying true to yourself. You have inspired me, and you still do. And you have helped me become the person I am right now... Yes, it maybe just a month since we first met, but still I am certain that you've played a big part of this what I call "the change in me"...