Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Question of Existence

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It has been 8 months already yet nothing has changed. Despite of all the efforts, still everything's the same - nothing has changed... Wondering what could have been the problem with the letters "B, D & T" or "B, C & T". Is it because of the letter "B"?

"Left behind", "Forgotten", "Ignored", these words best describe what we always feel we are. But mind you, we're not supposed to feel this way 'coz we're definitely not incompetent, unproductive, intellectually-challenged and inexperienced... I could even say that we're more qualified than those other people around. Our team's line-up is just above average! You read that right - "ABOVE AVERAGE" - quote and quoted! Bragging? We're not! Just letting them know that we certainly deserve the best attention we deserve.

... One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and still counting. Still counting how many months more to go. Still counting how many more months are we going to endure before they will notice our existence. But maybe they did notice us only that they didn't give us that damn importance that for sure we really need especially at this point that we're almost doubtful of our working environment especially in terms of management - that despite of all the efforts for us to be noticed, still we feel being ignored.

It is no good to compare things especially if those things are incomparable, that's for sure. For all I know it's not healthy to always be comparing as we - everyone or rather everything - are unique. Comparing does not help anyone of us grow but deceives us from our love of ourselves. It rather traps us from reasons of not growing healthy as individual and as employees.

Yesterday signaled the right time. We never grow because they're not letting us grow. Yesterday provided me enough reasons to act and write this stuff. Yesterday gave me the courage to challenge them to prove me wrong. If I will not do this now, will forever await? If I will not act right now, who will?

Whenever I read or hear the phrase "TAKING YOU FORWARD", there's a part of me who wanted to laugh. There's a part of me who disbelieve. There's a part of me who is doubting. There's a part of me who wanted to be heard. There's a part of me who would rather prefer not to encounter the phrase again. The words or rather the phrase is certainly not adequate.

No matter how we try to be noticed we are still unnoticed. In accounting, we are like doubtful account rather than intangible assets. Our team's existence as a whole is becoming more and more doubtful to me as time flies. It becomes more of a question - Do we really exist? This may be just a silly question but for sure this need not be just taken for granted. But we may be existing only that they forget that we do... or maybe, they chose to just ignore our existence... or maybe, they never would have wanted us to be ignored only that it's exactly what they always let us feel.

... Day by day, I am annoyed by this issue. An issue that needs to be taken an action as soon as possible.

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