Thursday, February 18, 2010

Analyzing SERP Analytics

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In my more than a year experience as a blogger, I admit that I still don't have enough knowledge about Search Engine Optimization. Yes, the word is very familiar as we – bloggers, always encounter the word around the blogosphere in our day-to-day blogging. However, despite of this fact, in-depth knowledge of SEO is still not at hand. Not until now!

Just today, I have learned some important things about SEO particularly on how it really does help bloggers like me. Good thing I came across a friend's entry post about SERP Analytics. It's really good browsing other blogs whenever you get time doing it because it doesn't only helps you connect to your dear blogger friends but you'll also encounter or learn new things from them.

SERP Analytics provides SEO and even SEM specialists ability in analyzing Search Engine Results pages. It shows seo parameters under search results, archived serps, positions changes, and a special SERP summary in a special window. The most important thing is that it provides SEO tools and other features that would surely give its users their best benefit, and example is its Free Top 100000 keyword tool which is updated from time to time. This keywords list can be filtered wherein searched and sorted keywords are based on parameters such as the number of clicks, number of clicks reported, and even the cost per click.

The site has even lots of features to offer than what one could ever imagine, and that other site could ever offer. In its member area, it has next tools where one could view domain summary and the top ranking keywords for a certain given site which is indeed important.

SERP Analytics is definitely one of the best sites which offer SEO tools services that is always available and is for free. So if you're into SEO, why not try to check out the site.

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