Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life's Just Fine

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Life's maybe cruel and complicated at times but these help us understand our purpose; of who we really are, where we come from, and where we are heading. - atenean101

As I am writing this post, I would like to say I am just fine, which tends to be my default response when someone asks me how I am doing. Yet as much as I would want to tell the world that I am okay right now, things are not just looking good at all. If I would, I would just be a big fool.

Oftentimes, it is just really hard to get anything done when you have that small voice at the back of your head constantly telling and reminding you that you are inept, incapable, or irrelevant. Of course I can always force myself to think positive, but because there is that voice that seems to be always there whispering, and because I cannot figure out how to let it go, to negate negativity is like hoping for miracles to happen. Worse, this becomes habitual that builds up over time. This then result to discouragement which eventually makes me perform worse at the things I do, and which only makes the little voice even more convincing...

I do not want this. I know that this will never be of any help at all but I always refuse to even mention this to anyone, not even him. All of us do have our own burdens, so why bother anyone with mine that's too pathetic. People have enough of their own and I do not want to add to it. And even if I bother them, why would they care to listen anyway?

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