Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bisdak Blogger

Cebu Bloggers Society` Meet Up at CNT LECHON - Cebu City

It's been 4 months already that I`ve been part of the Cebu`s finest society of bloggers better known as CEBU BLOGGERS SOCIETY. It's been 4 months of undeniably great experiences... I've met bunch of buddies who have helped me a lot in this blogging world... great bloggers who are great at their different crafts... everyone's just amazing and they continue to amaze me each day... Oh boy, I am just so proud to be a BISDAK BLOGGER. It's really such an honor to be one.

Now the question is, why did this post come to its existence... Then better read below.

Winston of batangyagit.com, a senior CBS member is conducting a mini-seo competition which is of course just a game between all CBS members... It`s actually just for fun and just to test how good CBS members are when it comes to SEO.

Contest keyword is "Bisdak Blogger" (without the quotes)

If you are a CBS member and wanna know more about the contest mechanics, then just simply read the detailed info at CBS Forum.

Now if you are a CBS member, then better submit your entries now...

Again, it`s simply SEO Tutorial. Good luck!


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