Sunday, November 22, 2009

When It Rains...

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Yesterday, it rained...

The same as other people, I find rain as equally pleasing and interesting. While watching it pour, I find myself longing for something, and for someone. Somehow, I am feeling that I am that secluded being, feeling the rain while pondering the meaning of this life. Sometimes, it makes me feel like a cheerful happy soul who's keeping the cheer as he continues to live. But oftentimes, it's giving me the feeling of that downcast broken spirit who would prefer to be drown in sorrow as he hides from the world.

I still remember that rain, the one that poured my place yesterday. It was the same rain that brought me into an intense emotion, a mixture of calmness, sadness, melancholy. For what reason, I don't know... I just felt it.

I guess it is when I am constantly longing for someone and to be with that someone that I tend to love and enjoy the rain. And it is with this situation that I continue to move on, hoping to fix everything and to finally reach the bliss.

Oh rain! You're doing me wonders. You're giving me the urge to keep going, and yes, I am still going. And for sure I'll still be going even if you're gone.

And though I am still wondering why these had always been the case, but I am sure that these happen only when it rains...

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