Monday, November 9, 2009

Because My Mind's Still Not Fixed

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As I begin composing this note, please be informed that I am not at my best. The complexity of this atmosphere surrounding me is giving me reasons to be out of focus but this shan't be a reason to not finish this post. Not at this point where the need to reach out to all of you is not only a must but more than that.

Been sitting here for hours yet my mind still not fixed. Wondering, thinking of how to word my entry this time in a wish not to sound pathetic or worst, disappoint anybody. But I bet it would be better if I just dive in head first and then speak up my mind and just say what I need to say hoping that everybody will take into consideration that everything's pointed here with nothing but the best of intentions.

Hiatus. This best describes what I have been for almost a month. But for sure it's not just because of some silly and pathetic reasons. And the same as before, reasons for this hiatus are aplenty but I shan't disclose any here.

Since after a week of hiatus, I've been overwhelmed receiving emails, comments and private messages asking where I've been and of why there's no new post for them to read. To quote one buddy's comment,
"For some very, very weird reason, I can't see an update of your entries in my blogger dashboard. Very bad. Tsk."
And to this buddy, I am sending my apologies. For sure, my absence is never an intention to disappoint anyone. I thank all for being so supportive and concern enough, I really do appreciate the fact that despite of my hiatus you continue to visit and check my blog. This alone gives me the reason to be more grateful of this life. And this alone is already an achievement, a fulfillment of one of my purposes.

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