Thursday, October 27, 2011

Are You Socially Anxious?

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Are you socially aware and concerned? Did you check how socially relevant you really are? Have you been tested lately about your social relationships? What about a test for social anxiety disorder?

Social anxiety disorder or what is better known as social phobia is a problem or a defect in a particular individual which is triggered by significant anxiety for fear of being rejected, humiliated, shamed, or ignored by people in all social aspects. If it continues, it will end at the root of depression and even a serious emotional problem.

No one is ever born perfect; nobody has everything. This alone gives us a reason why we have a tendency to be self-conscious. And it's human's nature to get nervous, shy, and even to doubt his abilities. We often think of the social result first of what we will do before we do it. Will what we do be accepted by others? Often, we asked ourselves the question, because we are afraid that the world may not really like it at all. Yes, this is indeed natural, but most of the time it tends to be too serious wherein you become too conscious of almost everything especially your relationship to others, thinking that you're rather be rejected than approved.

Social phobia is considered today as one of the world's largest psychological problem. As a matter of fact, it ranked third among all the psychological problems in the world. And because of this, it is but important to not ignore the issue of self-assertion - we should be helping ourselves out from this problem and ensure that we are not socially distress at all.

Good thing that there is already a test today to gauge how socially anxious one person is. A test where in which one may understand his own-self in terms of being socially conscious or anxious. Social phobia test assesses our social skills, as well as psychological and emotional aspects to determine if one has a social anxiety disorder.