Tuesday, June 9, 2009

••• atenean101 @ Blogspot is One of the Freshly Ratified Blogs - Batch #22


Wow! Together with 13 other blogs (including one of my fellow CBS' blog, Dahong Laya), this blog - ••• atenean101 @ Blogspot - was just recently ratified by ratified.org and among the Freshly Ratified Blogs - Batch #22.

For others, this may not really be a big deal at all, and some may even raise their eyebrows and say "so what if you're freshly ratified?"... the thing is, they definitely don't know how hard it is for one blog to be ratified, and for sure other ratified blogs would agree. It's not just simply joining a certain community and be accepted as a member but instead, it is like joining a beauty pageant and be screened or applying for a job and be interviewed for them to know if you're really qualified and if you really deserve to be part of them.

Anyway, what really is Ratified.Org and how can one blog be ratified?

Ratified.org is a new directory featuring the best Filipino blogs in the blogosphere. Using data from Technorati.com sprinkled with Feedburner, Google and Alexa stats, each blog's statistics such as rank, links and other information are gathered and stored, therefore "ratifying" it. The data is then used as the basis for ranking or measuring Ratified.org's top 100 Philippine blogs of the Philippine Blogosphere.

Accordingly, in order for a certain blog to be accepted and ratified, Ratified.Org still look at each and every blog sites before they include them. They're not that picky and it doesn’t take much on our part to be ratified. The first thing to keep in mind is the fact that they accept only blogs, not websites that run on Wordpress or other blog platforms as a CMS. Second, they look at the content... and for as long as a certain blog is not filled with paid posts or advertisements, then it would be just fine. Third, they try to avoid blogs hosted on Multiply.com and Friendster and the reason behind it is that Technorati does not collect links from these blogs which as a result, even though they would add those blogs, they surely can't be ratified without any links present. Now, this also applies to all blogs that have no incoming links, regardless of where they are hosted. And Lastly, a certain blog should be owned by a Filipino blogger or an Australian blogger if it's Ratified.Org - Australia.

So wanna get Ratified?

First, make sure you're Filipino. Then visit their site: Ratified.Org and go here. Send them a message containing the Title, URL, Description and feed URL of your blog. In addition, do a search on Technorati.com to check if your blog is currently ranked. If not, register and make a claim on your blog to get the Technorati robots roving! Easy, right? I know it is. Haha.

Anyway, through this blog post, I would like to extend my appreciation and utmost gratitude to Ratified.Org for ratifying my blog. It is really an honor to be part the organization. Thank you and more power!


Photoblogger said...

woot! Sosyal! Welcome fellow ratified blogger! and grabeh! 172! Thats a great rank!!

atenean101 said...

weeeeee! thankies thankies. matsala VJ. hehe.

Snow said...

We are both on batch 22. Yey, congrats to us! :)

atenean101 said...

yes we are sis. hehe.

congrats to all of us, batch 22!

Obnoxious Queer said...

Bega! Kaw na talaga ateh! Reynang-reyna kana!


atenean101 said...

toinks! ikaw talaga ate, hindi ako lang, ikaw rin... ikaw at ako na talaga, isama na natin si atty at kung sinu-sino pa. hehe.

pero gurl, thanks talaga for droppin by and for leaving a comment. it is really appreciated. thank you so much!

see yah!