Wednesday, June 24, 2009

BLOGGERS UNITE for a Free Iran


••• Bloggers Unite for a FREE IRAN on Mon. June 29th.

Bloggers Unite to support Human Rights in Iran on Monday June 29th.

Violence, arrests, crackdowns and media blackouts continue to increase in Iran in the aftermath of the recent presidential elections.

On Monday June 29th, we ask Bloggers from around the globe to Unite for a Free Iran. Please JOIN this event and use your blog to educate your readers and spread the word about how we can help support a Free Iran.

This event makes us remember other things:
Where are our rights?
Will humanity always accept these charges policies?

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Anonymous said...

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Lauren said...

I understand and appreciate what these people are going through, but I also feel there is a time to let it lie. To many people that are unwelcome get involved in these things.

atenean101 said...

hi lauren, thanks for the visit and for taking time to leave a comment.

i understand your point, and i have nothing against it... it`s a fact that there really is the right time for everything and if we only have faith in HIM, everything will surely be alright in HIS time...

to tell you the truth, i really do have second thoughts of joining this event before... but suddenly, out of nowhere, the urge to get involve and concern to all our brothers and sisters in IRAN hit me. for me, this is a social responsibility. and to think that this is just plainly writing.

the true story behind what`s currently happening in IRAN is still unfolded... no one is still able to say what`s real and true, everyone is still uncertain of the real score, except (of course) for those who are liable for all of it...

now the question is, why i joined the event? the very mere fact that what`s happening there affects not just IRAN itself but the whole world as well, is already a reason for a certain blogger like me to act... this may not really be a big help, but i know that with stronger effort and faith, we will surpass the challenge and trouble that we are into. i am not against anyone here, and i don`t even want to side with anyone but the truth. all we want here is the truth... and through this effort, we hope that the truth will be unfolded soon...

lastly, as a blogger, i want the world to know that i exist. i want the IRAN government (civilians and government authorities) to hear my voice... i want them to somehow listen to each other and to understand what they really wanted for themselves. i believe that nobody from both side wants there current situation... who wants a cruel community anyway, noone right? i just want them to know that i still believe that there is still hope for peace and unity for IRAN, and that human rights would again be for all Iranians...