Thursday, June 11, 2009

••• atenean101 @ Blogspot is Nominated for "TOP 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2009"

••• atenean101 @ Blogspot or this blog, was created last September 1, 2009, just few days after I celebrated my very day. And from that day onwards until today, it has been noticed and continues to be recognized and appreciated by several bloggers (may it be online or offline) in different areas of the world. But hey, I am not bragging here, okay? All I wanted here is to let you know that your recognition and appreciation is always noted and highly appreciated... It is indeed an honor and an opportunity at the same time for me as a blogger that my work somehow touches one's life.

Now to all my dear readers, viewers, visitors, or whatever you may call yourselves, I would just like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of you guys for the support, and for continuously visiting this blog and believing in me. I know for sure that without you, this blog would have not reached this far and this long. Your comments, reviews and messages keep me from doing this and inspire me to do better. Again, I am really thankful!

And just like what I have written on one of my notes before, when I was just starting here, it is very true indeed that freedom of expression is really one of the few values we all have and yet only few of us hold it dear... Expressing yourself is like making your own particular mark in this world: a mark that is like no other. And with this world where appearance is everything, going against the flow and pushing yourself against the boundaries of your limit and creating a look that is unique to you - is truly a brave and a powerful thing. It's not really about a new blog in the blogosphere or about a new handsome or sexy blogger... instead, it is all about who the real blogger is and the true purpose of his blog.

In my life, I always chose to focus on things that are simple yet adaptable. The same principle applies to this blog. One may even call this blog as "Basic". But honestly speaking, in my eyes and in my own opinion, that's what BEAUTY and being TRUE is all about. I always wanted to show myself to everybody in a way that they would be able to remember me anywhere, anytime...

The different posts I have created and posted here may inspire you. Or they may not. But whatever it is, at the end of the day, whatever you like and whatever you don't like here are the things that makes this blog more interesting... Thing is, I can only show you what I really am. It may not be conventional, but at least I'm striving to better myself and to entertain people even just through this "basic" blog.

... Just this early June, I have learned that there were some bloggers who have nominated or included ••• atenean101 @ Blogspot on their list of "TOP 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2009". And I am really glad. At least, there are still people who appreciates this blog, though it's a fact that I have been quite inactive for how many months after an unwanted incident happened that until now, I am still keeping... Thank you so much, I hope I would be able to reach your expectation with this blog.


BURAOT said...

tenks sa pagdalaw sa balay ko. at gudlak.

vicky said...

Hi. My name's Vicky, but not the belo one. *wink.

I admire your blog and your thoughts. Your personal entries are certified thought-provoking, so I am wondering why only few dare to leave their comments and share what they thought about it.

Please continue posting personal entries, coz it is what I am always reading here.

Lastly, Goodluck to your blog and God Bless!

Fairest said...

and yes, you simply deserve to be on the top. continue sharing your thoughts to others, just like what 'vicky not belo' has said.

Halimi said...

Hi, Im Halimi from Malaysia ... Wow ... Congrats ... Im really appreciate you are my first blog follower ... Hope you'll get something from the nomination ... :)

atenean101 said...

hi buraot! sensya na now lang me nakareply sa comment mo... minsan nakakalimutan ko naring magreply sa comment dahil sa dami ng ginagawa...

well anyway, firstly, thank you so much for the comment. visiting my blog is already enough. and taking time to leave me a comment, wow, that`s superb... it is really appreciated.

i wish you good luck! and congratulations for being nominated and for somehow being on the top ranking.

atenean101 said...

great comment vicky! so you`re not the controversial cosmetologist, are you? hehe.

kind words like yours are the reasons why i am trying to better this blog... and hoping that somehow, someday, i`d be really that influential to other bloggers.

right now, i am still trying to discover several things here. i am not a pro as you know, but i am trying to be one. haha.

with regard to my personal posts, i hope i would really find time to compose a better one... it`s really hard to be blogging that you don`t have a pc of your own. well i happen to have one before... but that was before, guess it`s 6months ago...

thanks again vicky and just continue visiting this blog. and for sure i would do better this time... (hoping...)

atenean101 said...

thanks saiza... thanks really for nominating me. i hope i could return the favor to you... maybe in the near future. just continue blogging and pls don`t you ever stop.

thanks again.

atenean101 said...

yea i hope so... but you can nominate me too if you want, since all bloggers are qualified to nominate. hehe. (campaign?)

thanks for droppin by.