Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Final Piece: Keeping the Faith

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Unintended & unplanned, best describe how our paths crossed that day. Yet at the same time, these words also best describe how we separated...

Everything's unpredicted, seems like a magic cast by fate. Yet unlike the usual fairy tales we have read, our story's not meant for a "happily ever after" ending. Perhaps it was, but we opted to end it the other way. Fate cast a spell on us which never meant to be forever. Worst, it lasted in just a glimpse, in just a snap, the time when we're just starting to enjoy it.

But maybe there's a valid reason why things need to happen that way. It maybe unclear yet at this stage but for sure there is.

God is indeed wonderful after all. He has created a way for our paths to cross, for us to share His wonders the time when I was about to consider this life a curse. Above all, He has given me an angel to light thy path when I was totally down and lost, when I was just by myself in the middle of darkness. To my surprise, that angel was you. These only give me enough reason to be forever grateful.

In life, there comes a point wherein situation would asks each one of us to let go. Oftentimes, we take this negatively. Oftentimes, we forget the very fact why this needs to happen - for us to learn, understand and realize our strengths and weaknesses which would eventually help us grow wholistically as a being created by God to submit to His will.

For sure nobody would have wanted to let go of someone close to us especially if that someone has already marked a special part in our heart. Nobody would have wanted to let go if only left with options to choose. But because there's no other option left but letting go, then that alone prevailed. And for such a courageous decision, I believe I just deserve your respect and understanding.

It hurts me to let you go but I am letting you go now. But this doesn't mean that I am going away, I will just stay here so you won't be lost once you find your way back to me. I may be letting you go now but this never mean I am ending whatever we have had... for I will forever love you no matter what happens.

Fate's may be outside our boundaries but whatever it may lead us, remember to always keep the faith... for as long as we believe we are friends, we will forever be.

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