Tuesday, December 15, 2009

As I Continue To Think

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There are times in life that no matter how we try to be complete, there would still be something missing. No matter how much effort one may give in to make things right, still these will end up the other way around. That even if how good an actor one is to hide and deny facts, events will be too blunt to let one realize that nobody escapes reality. And useless, as I may say, is the gift of this wisdom if reality always try to lead us to uncertainty, confusion, and being lost with the world we thought we already knew.

Doubts, confusions and uncertainties hit the button once again. And though this happens most of the time, still, I feel like a newbie. Now, this is giving me reasons to be very scared, to be very afraid of myself and of dreaming, hoping and living...

Too many questions are indeed a destruction at this point. Questions that may probably be forever questions because answers are emptied or perhaps answers are there but for obvious reasons, you would prefer to ignore or deny rather than accept.

Thinking. Part of one's becoming or unbecoming. Been thinking a lot almost every minute of everyday. Today I think again, yet at the end of the day I am still myself, not even a single answer's found. And so I continue to think. Even this will lead me to nowhere. Even if this will help me reach the never ending world of lost.

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