Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Distorted Self

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Life's full of mysteries. Indeed, it's one grand adventure that one may or may not fulfill. Everybody has their own stories to tell; You and I have our own stories to share. We may not necessarily understand each other's stories, but for sure, each of us affects each other - may it be directly or indirectly.

Lately, I am with my weirdest self. Been into thinking without thinking. Been enjoying the time that I am in pain and injury. It's weird that I find it harder for me right now to let go of this negative feeling I have inside of myself - agony, despair, pain and even misery. I am enjoying the experience of keeping myself inside this real darkness of life. And maybe it's because I find bliss while feeling the pain even if it's a fact that it's killing me inside.

No, I'm not a pessimist neither I am an optimist. I maybe just myself. If only I could explain myself further, but I cannot. I don't get it, for sure I know myself but I barely know enough how to explain things. Now I am confuse, but maybe this is really me.

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