Thursday, December 17, 2009

But Who Are We To Blame?

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Complicated is this person who writes. But who are we to blame? Life itself is a complicated issue, thus, everything in it follows. Yet, despite all of life's complexities, there must always be a room for understanding. One must learn to waive that benefit of a doubt and somehow, be not a judge right away.

Misled. Yes, misled is always the person that we are. No matter how hard one tries to give his best shot to understand the world, still, he will end up the other way around. But then, who are we to blame?

Misunderstood. And misunderstood is always the writer that he become. That even if how many times he gives hint to let his readers easily understand his thoughts, they're blinded by their own will. But the reader has a mind of his own, so who are we to blame?

Maybe, we are lucky to have been given this gift of wisdom... only that we are not fortunate enough to understand its worth. But who are we to blame?

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