Sunday, January 31, 2010

2Days Of Rest's A Bliss

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Often I wonder what a life would be with only a day of rest in a week. Will I stand it? And if ever I will, until when? But what if it's like forever?

Human's never a machine and will never ever be. This, perhaps, is one of which opened the door to that change of mind. This is maybe one of those that made them realize our worth.

For already a year of working six times a week with that ample or no benefit at all, at last voices are heard and prayers are answered. After a long wait of waiting, fact has been considered this time. Now, a 2days of rest at hand.

A 2days of rest in a week is what we surely need and what we only ask them. It's more than just a bliss. You will only not have time to relax but more importantly, you'll have more time for yourself and for your family.

... Employees are part of every management in a certain company. Thus, considering them in every decision is not only necessary but a must, especially if it's them who are directly affected by that decision. And I am just glad the long wait's over.

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