Monday, January 25, 2010

Glass Sink Is Never Just A Display

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Practicality is just one of my very nature when it comes to buying stuffs. Obviously, I always make it a point to check first a certain product's price and its durability before I consider buying it. So when I heard a boardmate talk about glass sinks, I just can't help but wonder. Of all sinks available why choose glass sink? I think it's not worth it especially if we talk about durability. I guess it would be more like a display and not to be regularly used compared to stainless or metal sinks.

Just like me, I know most people around think that a glass vessel sink is easily breakable and not that strong enough to hold ones daily activities without worrying at all. But after checking things out, I've realized I was all wrong. This kind of sink is never made up of that normal glass component but those tampered ones. At the same time, this sink is not as breakable as what I think it was before since accordingly, it's heated to high temperature and suddenly cooled which made it more strong than the usual glass we could ever think of.

Then I think again. My boardmate's right, glass sink is never just a display.

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