Sunday, January 10, 2010

What Is It That You Really Want?

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As the new year started, have you already thought and asked yourself of what is it in your life that you really wanted? Is it becoming wealthy? Is it fame? Is it love? Is it financial stability? Is it to be a good Samaritan and help more people especially the needy? Or maybe, you just want to be as plain as you are the previous years?

Most of us want to prove ourselves. We don't want to live in this world like shadows. We want to become the person who we really wanted to be. As far as I know, there is indeed nothing wrong about it. At the same time, there's nothing wrong of thinking or dreaming big. But in doing so, one must always remember to apply the things or lessons we have learned from our parents, from our family, from the society, from our own selves, and most of all, from God. Most of the time, realization of what we really wanted in our lives is greatly affected by how much we've learned from life's experiences, and even the craft of dealing with people who are difficult and who we hate is considered an important skill.

It's also good to look at other people's achievements. Let me site Naveen Jain as an example. He is just one of the many achievers in the world who started with nothing but his persistence and determination to succeed. He is considered as a tech superstar who founded Intelius - a company that provides online information services. If you want to know more about Naveen Jain, then try to check his Crunchbase Profile for more detailed information about him. His story only proves that if we believe in the power of our dreams, realizing it is will never be impossible.

Naveen Jain is a founder and CEO at Intelius which he started in Janurary 2003 with a mission to empower consumers with online information for personal protection and intelligent decisions. Previously, Naveen launched InfoSpace in March 1996 with the vision of delivering real-world information on the Internet - anytime, anywhere and on any device. Previous to InfoSpace, Jain was a Program Manager at Microsoft Corporation from June 1989 to March 1996.

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