Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Years Resolution : Save Money in 2010

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As what I have always mentioned here, last year's the toughest year in my entire life as of this writing. I definitely would not want to be that person that I was last year. I cannot be that person again, that's for sure. So after what had happened it is just but fair enough to consider and start 2010 with a more enhanced resolutions of creating a person in myself who always have God and loveones first before anything else. This in particular would of course include the resolution of saving money this year for a better future.

I have read friends' blogs before mentioning about considering car insurances and getting more and even better coupon codes, as just some helpful ways of fulfilling one's resolution for a more desirable savings this year. I bet they are just right. Unfortunately, I do not have a car of my own but my parents do, so I would surely inform them about this beneficial car insurance thingy that I have just learned from a fellow blogger. And I will start taking advantage of coupon codes this time especially when it comes to online purchasing.

It's been a fact that I wasn't able to spend my money right from the very beginning. Honestly, I really don't have that skill to save especially if we talk about money. Life's not about money, this is what I have learned to live my life from the start. It cannot buy happiness. And at the same time, it cannot buy love. But because it's a fact that we need money in order to live, I guess it is just fair enough to begin saving now.

Now is the time to look ahead. And so I am indeed grateful I was able to take note of some helpful tips from a certain dumb little man. He might be just a dumb little man but he has written this 30 Ways to Save Money that made him that big! I would certainly follow all of those ways he has mentioned in his article. Certainly!

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