Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Chance For Another New Beginning

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And for the nth time, I have decided to start again. This year's a new year and so I believe here's another new beginning for me. To start all over again. To start out hopeful. To start with high and well spirit. To begin to dream. And to begin realizing the dream.

Paused for a while. Thinking where to begin. Then I just realized that every year seems to be the same thing. Recalling last year's failures. Wondering what had happened to myself that year. And thinking if I could finally work on with my life as a whole this time.

Once upon a time, when everything seemed to be beautiful and uncomplicated, and when life's just a happy-go-lucky one, I keep myself on dreaming. I would have meaningful conversation with my parents, a happy play with my siblings, and a quality time with my family. Those day's definitely a bliss and I can't help but miss those days. My mom would ask me how my day went as I arrive from school. Then she would eventually teach me lessons at night after we watch a nice show on television together with my dad, sister and two little brothers. But those days are no more.

But I bet it's not a crime to start over and dream and eventually hope for a better life this year. Working on with my life as a whole this time around is maybe difficult but I believe that starting the year well enough is to call significant progress in me. So let's just hope I won't be spoiling the opportunity this time around.

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