Tuesday, November 4, 2008



Today is your day to practice democracy .

It really doesn't matter whether you are for OBAMA or you are for McCain... what matters is your vote and that you have voted for a change!

You might be wondering why a certain Filipino would asks US Citizen to vote for their very own election, and some may even thought that I am stupid enough to be wasting my time posting this post...

But could you hear me out first... I really don't care at all if I am wasting my time for this stuff or for this issue, what I care for now is to let you realize how your votes will affect me and the whole world as well.

You may not be aware of it but fact is, since the turn of the century, the United States has been in a position of world leadership. And when we speak about the United States’ role in the world, it is like we are talking about power. Power as we all know has several connotations and meanings but only one definition: to make others’ will work in their own interests. However, power as a contemporary rationale raises other questions related to ethics and human social behavior.

The role of the United States in the world, as hegemonic power in the political and economic arena, is to work toward a possibly permanent, stable system and create the political avenues for one ordered development. Only a great power can push other powerful countries’ interests in the direction of peace and development. Only a great power has the capacity to lead economic interconnected forces to serve human need and social justice. In sum, only a great power has the unique capacity and the exclusive toolbox to ensure a future for new generations in the globalization process.

Thus, somehow making the next US President or leaders as the key to world's future.

Now, it is really important that we get our issues for this election because apparently not a lot of people are really paying attention to how things will affect us. Just keep in mind that this November 4, 2008 US Election is not just for USA alone, but for the whole world as well...

Your vote counts... it may not mean a lot for you, but it means a lot for us!


Shawie said...

I somehow felt so lucky to have witnessed such a historic election here in the US. anyways, thanks for the tag:) i'll grab it later this week..enjoy your week, for sure many idles tomorrow sa call center, lol!

Patorres said...

My money is on Obama... I'm praying he'll win or I'll be forking over 100 bucks to my classmate.. ;D

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