Monday, November 17, 2008

Cebu Bloggers Society`s Meeting at FIGARO

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Just last Saturday, November 15, Cebu Bloggers Society conducted a meeting held at Figaro - Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City. The agenda was to discuss issues raised by some group members concerning the group’s growth, expansion and organization... issues that needs to be discussed and solved immediately.

It was Saturday and I am just about to have my rest day. But despite of lack of rest and sleep, still I decided to appear and contribute whatever I can contribute in the said meeting.

Then, I was impressed when I realized how clever the group members are and how really involved they are in the group.

Among the individual specific issues tackled were (details of which will be posted in the CBS forums):
  1. How to become part of the group (qualifications, requirements, procedures, etc.)
  2. Migration of group discussions (from the CBS YG! to the new CBS Forums)
  3. Username to be used in forums (real name or alias)
  4. Events and Plans ••• Defcon Philippines Bloggers’ conference with Semprix (moved to December 14, 2008, Sunday) ••• Defcon Beer Talk: Soft Launching of Defcon Philippines ••• Plans for Sinulog 2009 coverage ••• CBS Christmas Party ••• CBS 1st Founding Anniversary (February 14, 2009, Saturday)
Here are some evidences taken:

... the heated group discussions...

... after the heated discussions and when the meeting was about to end, we decided to have our group picture...

... and some of us decided to bond still after the meeting was adjourned...

... hell yeah! I like this candid shot by evan john. thanks...

The meeting was adjourned at around 8pm.

Photos Courtesy of: Evan John, Clarence, Sinjin and X.