Friday, November 28, 2008

My MyLot`s Best Responses - Volume I

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Not too long ago, I've written a post regarding an online community that I have just joined. I'm talking about MyLot, an online community that pays you for your contribution or for simply participating in the community discussions. And it works, I mean, it really works. For almost two months now, I could say that I am doing good in the community and yes, I am making some amount of money too, it may not be as lucrative as what you may expect it to be, but it's something that you wouldn't be able to find in other communities.

For almost two months, I have been active within the community. I've been an avid reader of several discussions. And I have also participated in several discussions that interest and concerns me. What is more rewarding in this community is the fact that your comments or responses got the chance to be noticed and be bagged as the best response, that is of course if your response would suit the taste or the interest of the one who created the discussion.

Now, because of this, I came-up with the idea of posting those responses of mine that were bagged as the 'best responses'. And hey, don't be misled, I am not bragging... Thing is, I just want to share some issues that might interest you as well. And the following responses might not be a best response to you, in that case, I care less, and like what I have just mentioned, these responses were actually chosen as the 'best response' by the one who created the discussion and not by me.

Anyway, here are some of those best responses that shall be part of 'My MyLot's Best Responses - Volume I'

Are you a good speaker or a good writer?

I am not good in writing nor in speaking. I do not know why I do not have such talents. When I saw good speakers, I get jealous. I asked myself why I can't do that. When I read newspapers or magazines, there are lots of good writers. Why I am not one of them. It is very difficult for me to easily get an idea and start explaining it. Usually starting a discussion would bery very difficult. But when I have started already, it would be difficult for me to end. In writing, coherence, unity, and emphasis are very important. I do not know how to use them. Can you help me?


Being a good writer or a good speaker doesn't only mean that you really have to be really good with it. All you need is confidence, I mean, you should really believe in your ability and in yourself that you can do it. There's really no such rule on how to be a good writer and a good reader... you just have to be spontaneous and of course you must really know exactly your topic and what you are talking about. Also you have to give your stand about the topic and just explain all the things that you know about the topic. Again, there's really no exact rule at all. It's actually more on how would your reader or your listener would rate you. So just be confident enough in whatever you write or whatever you talk about. Because in the end, it's them who shall decide how good you are and nobody else.

Do you think parents are the best teachers or not?

We have many teachers in our life. Our parents teach us, our teachers teach us, our friends teach us. Books and newspaper also teach us. They are all valuable. And many people in our country say parents are the best teachers, do you think so?


Yes, I certainly believe that they are! But it's just a matter of how would a certain parent would teach their kid/s... Brighter future really depends on how you're going to teach your child today.

And why do I certainly believe that they are? Because whatever the parent does, the child follows... Get me? I mean whatever example you teach your child and whatever example that they'll be able to see in you, they would surely follow. So better be watchful and careful with your actions and words and better teach them those that would surely benefit them... for it will lead them to who they are in the future!


So these are all for now. Be back with my volume two, just keep posted.


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