Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Two Friendship Tags For Me...

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And then again, I have been tagged.

Just recently, I have received another friendship tags from two different bloggers. 'Nisha's Friendship Award' from xgenesis007 of 'Dangerzone' and 'Friendship Flower' from Rocks of 'Through the Rain'. And honestly, I am really grateful for their friendship thoughts and appreciation.

When I started blogging, I never really did think that it would really be possible for me to be noticed by people through my blog though it had been a fact that one of my purpose why I decided to start blogging is to be noticed and eventually gain friends. What I just really wanted before is to blog all the things that inspire me, that concerns me, or that interest me.

Right now, I am happy to know that I am starting to build up a battalion of friends. And I am happy. Yes, I am happy indeed that even just through this simple blog, I was able to inspire and made other people smile.

Like what I have written on one of my post, truly one of the best things about blogging is the spirit of friendship and appreciation. And I am just really grateful for those friends who continue to read and appreciate my blog. You simply inspire me to do better.

Accordingly, the friendship tags I have received act as “FRIENDSHIP OFFERING”... so I am offering these two friendship tags to everybody who's reading this blog or this post right now. I don't want to name or enumerate names since I want to be friend with everybody. This is for you guys. Grab it, for all you know, you surely deserve it!

Again, thank you to xgenesis007 and Rocks. Keep on blogging and continue promoting and spreading friendship around. May God bless us always.