Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Friendster & Its Current Issues

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It has been almost a week now and as of this writing, still the issue or the problem is there, unresolved... And as of this writing, still I am wondering what the real score is or what seems to be the real problem.

Friendster, a social networking pioneer that lost its crowned position due to uptime and server response issues is now facing the same music once again. According to Pingdom, a website uptime monitoring service, the site is down since November 13 and faced 18 hours of downtime on November 14. Too good, their are not many social addicts on Friendster now, else they would have been banging their heads to walls by now.

Since Thursday of last week, November 13, my Friendster connection seems to always have problem with its connectivity and it always shows an error. But the question is, is it just really me? Or are you guys having trouble too?

Certainly I won't raise this question or this issue or even write a post about it, if I am not totally disappointed. Yes, you bet I really am! Just yesterday when I opened my Friendster account (please do take note that I open and check my Friendster account almost everyday), I thought everything's back to normal... and I thought it was a relief, but hey, just after a few minutes the error occurred again!

You can call me an avid Friendster fan, member or user, but yes, right now I am starting to turn the other way around.

I was on my Yahoo Messenger, when some friends buzzed me up and said...
"OMG what happened to friendster, my friends are all deleted!"
"I wanted to check my Friendster too but it took forever to get to the HOME PAGE."
"When i signed on... it was taking forever"
"Friendster just logged me out? Did it take my password or something?"

List of some issues and problems that were raised by most friendster members or users that so far I know and of occurrences as of this writing...
  • missing pictures
  • server interruption
  • deleted friends
  • can't open 'my' profile
  • reduced number of friends
  • increased number of friends
  • connectivity errors
  • other 'hacked' issues
I have even over heard some rumors that keep on spreading online and offline about a virus called h4xornytmare that accordingly damaged and infiltrated their database.

The issue should have not gone this far if the Friendster management has just been concerned and considerate enough with their users and their reputation as well. They should have atleast considered notifying their users about the current error or problem, because it seems like we're all lost.