Friday, August 28, 2009

An Eagle's Wholistic Achievement

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When the eagles starts to fly, he soars the highest... And when the eagle falls, he learns the biggest. - atenean101

Eagles are achievers, they say. When they start to fly, they soar high... and when they fall, they learn big. This maybe true, and this maybe not. Whatever the case is, I shall not speak based on other's experiences but myself.

Challenges make us discover the things about ourselves, which we never really knew. Oftentimes, these are the the ones of what make the instrument stretch; what make us go beyond the norm, or what one could ever imagine. And because it has been always the case that our own strengths do not match to the task given, we should not assume that it is beyond our capacity... Instead, let ourselves motivate our own selves and believe that the task is just within our compass.

Another chapter of my life is about to unfold, and not so far from now, I shall begin composing another interesting contents for it. A content that maybe complicated and may not easily be understood by most readers, yet surprisingly impressive, informative and thought-provoking, where most of the time only a few are able to learn. And unlike before, that I normally author the previous chapters by myself, I would now be asking contributors to co-author this next chapter, and help me with my journey into a more readable and legible content for the benefit of many readers.

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