Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Never Ending...


Follow your heart, the common notion when we talk about love. And the same thing that I would like to advise you at this stage... at this point in time that you are in doubt and confused of yourself, particularly your feelings. Your case maybe quite different with mine but at least, somehow, I could relate. And I am feeling you, I always do.

Never have I been into a case like yours, before, not even once.  But for sure I know and I am certain of the feeling. Yes, I have been in love - fallen in love, not just once but many times, yet never have I experienced the other way around. This may sound quite sad, but I am taking the pain. God is with me, and since He is with me, I shall be at peace.

Please do not think that I am letting you go now. I am not going to do that and will never ever do that. Just want you to have peace of mind and to do what you truly desire. You deserve it! This is not what I want, God know... I just cannot stand to see you in pain and in sorrow, worst, I can never be real happy to see you in such situation. Never! You don't deserve it. And I don't want to complicate the situation.Your happiness and your betterment, is enough to make me happy and contented with what fate has given us. So please go... Embrace the light that you deserve. I will be okay, for sure I will be.

Being strong or weak is no longer a question here and now. I mean, this does not matter anymore. It is our faith that is more important, and the trust we have built. And just the same as what I have told you before,
for as long as we believe that both of us is important to each other, for as long as we keep the promise to never let go, and for as long as we believe we are friends, we will forever be...

God is indeed wonderful, because He has created a way for our paths to cross. And this is the only time I have met someone so special and interesting... An angel in disguise who has shown me the wonders of believing and made me feel my importance as a created being... And the one who has tried his best to bring out or rather bring me back to my real self.

Please remember that I will be forever thankful that you came into my life. And for as long as I am breathing, you will always be remembered and missed.

Again, please do not be bothered, I am okay. Just follow what you believe is right, and where your heart leads you. Yes, please settle things now before it worsen and be more complicated, before everything will be too late.

I will always be here... you can count on me.


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Noelle V. Dotillos said...

Awwwwwwww. This is beautiful. I am wishing you the best. Take care! :)

Vijay said...

very nice post.. i have added u in my blogroll.. hope u too will add me..

Sun said...

very nice post.. i have added u in my blogroll.. hope u too will add me..

Alexis Jay Sapnu said...

wheeww.. that wuz so poignant and sharp.. i cud almost touch the acceptance and the sadness that comes with it.. carry on mah fellow atenean. sometimes the hardest decisions are the ones that make us right..