Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Imaginary World I Used to Live

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Live, Love, Blog! This is how I learn to live my life as a blogger...

As of this writing, this first ever personal blog of mine is about to turn one year old. Been blogging for almost a year now, and for this span of time I could say that it has been a fruitful year for me. Yes, I have encountered lots of money-making sites in the blogosphere, yet somehow, I did not mind it that much. But now, I am starting to put my blogging passion to the next level.

Honestly, I've already been asked several times by several bloggers and non-bloggers as well, of how much do I really earn from my blog... yet I never answered anyone, or never disclose any amount at all. Some even think that I earn a lot from this because this blog happens to rank far better than some other blogs around, but hey, this statement is not for the purpose of bragging. This I want to clarify, I am a blogger and never a bragger.

The thought that you are earning or being paid just by simply blogging, reviewing, sharing your thoughts, or writing a buzz or a blog post advocating something that you do care about, is just really amazing. But still, this fact did not really interest me that much, but I am willing to try it. Maybe I am just too hesitant, or maybe it's because of the fact that money is really not my point of interest in life.

Just today, I spoke with one of my close-blogger-buddies about a certain site which offers bloggers the fastest way of blogs monetization. Though I am hesitant, but learning that it has worked well and she has been paid better than the other sites of the same nature, caught my interest. Maybe this is worth a try, I told myself... why not try it, anyway it's free and there's really nothing for me to lose.

Well, I will give this a try... and we'll see what's next...

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