Saturday, August 29, 2009

Then He Learns to Write...

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... Because when he thinks, he writes.
And when he writes, he minds! - atenean101

The voice within has spoken, and speaks for itself.

So the day has come...
Another life's chapter is unfolded.
Another journey has started.
Empty pages are about to be filled.
To come up with a life worth living.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 | Posted in
Dear Diary,

Today, I have decided to start writing this diary. And yes, I am so excited. I cannot help but be so excited with the idea that starting today, this diary shall be witness to my daily life's account... and that starting today, I will open my life to anybody, to everybody.

Reasons to this decision are aplenty, but I shall not disclose any here, not even one. Let me just put it this way; God is so good that He has shown me the way to realize life's lesson that I need to learn.

My sincere thanks to Dr. Charles C. Finn for his poem entitled "PLEASE HEAR WHAT I AM NOT SAYING", for this had brought me too many realizations, realizations which I consider fundamental in my growth as a person, and as a wholistic being created by God to submit to His will.

But please, I beg you not to judge me through this writing alone. This is just merely one side of the story. Just simply my take on my very own story. Whatever I may input here, may not all be true, or the other way around. Fact is I am only human. For as long as I am living, I could always commit mistake and misled anybody. Sad thing is, I may have committed these yet I am not aware I just did.

I may be soliciting your attention, but this does not mean I need your concern, not even your sympathy. Let alone serve the very purpose of this diary. Let alone be the subject of your conscience. And let alone follow this diary's golden rule: "PLEASE JUST READ!"

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