Wednesday, October 8, 2008

16th National Children`s Month Celebration & My Reflection...


In relation to our campaign and as a continuation of the article I`ve written last Thursday, October 2, 2008 entitled Our HOPES Need Hope, this month of October the whole Philippines is celebrating its 16th National Children`s Month in recognition of every Filipino child as the most valuable asset of our society with its theme "BRIGHT CHILD: Sa Tamang Pag-aaruga, Kinabukasan ay Maginhawa".

Yes, it is indeed a blessed event that October has been declared by our government as National Children`s Month joining the whole world in its celebration of Universal Children`s Day that was formally established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1954. This is the time for us to heighten up our awareness on the life of every children not only here in the Philippines but in the whole wide world as well.

In today`s Filipino society the existence of abuses against the dignity of children is constantly increasing and it is really alarming. Examples are the [•] the rising phenomenon of street children roaming our metropolis [•] the unjust practice of child labor and [•] children being sexually abused and even murdered. Thus, I must say, that there is really a greater need of our special and intensified attention and utmost concern.


Remember that a child is a gift...

Below is a music video released for Children`s Rights Campaign.

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Again consider some of my thoughts...
  • Every Filipino has one single aspiration and that is to live life here in the Philippines to its fullness... Thus, it only means to say that every single Filipino child aspire the same.
  • There have been several efforts established for a child-friendly justice system here in the Philippines yet there are still so many children that are still often harassed by some law-enforcement officers especially the new ones. For this very reason, I suggest that advocacy efforts should always be continued for the creation of a Juvenile Justice System and a separate facility for minors. There is still really a need to continue to orient, train and advocate among law enforcers on the rights of a child, the psychodynamics of street children, children in conflict with the law, the sexually abused and exploited, and the street children substance abusers.
  • The way I see it, Politics or should I say politicians are really the main reason why child abuse happens for they give little priority to the implemention of children`s rights and welfare. Most of the time, they only do boast their paperworks and legal requirements in the promotion of children`s welfare, yet the truth is they have failed implementing their own policies and programs because of lack of their political will... For some reason, I am just thinking that maybe it`s because children in the first place are not legal voters.
  • While significant progress has been achieved in the area of child health, still it`s a fact that there is still high levels of underlying malnutrition and childhood illness in the country. This is because of the rapid-growth of Filipino children population and the increasing number of poverty in the country.
The reason why there is a need to celebrate Children`s month is because this is the only time for us to reflect and be more aware of what`s really happening to our future`s hope. If we will just open our eyes and look around us, surely we`ll be able to realize why is there a need for us to be aware... of why there is a greater need for us to be involved. What we`ll do today to help them, is what our future generation beholds.

Let`s be part of a child-friendly movement. Children themselves, families, communities, church, government and other related groups should participate to place each child at the center of development efforts to effect sensitization of society toward child-friendliness. Let us help each other in promoting the rights of children to survival, development, protection and participation. Let us prioritize and address issues and concerns affecting the full realization of the rights of children to heighten awareness, and monitor and evaluate allocation of resources and implementation of policies, programs and services for children.

Let us all do our share. This is the time for us to act, for us to help, for us to be involved. For they are the HOPES who surely need hope. They surely need us, let`s just let them know and let them feel that we`re still here for them and that they`re not alone after all.


For some other information and references...


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In relation to our campaign, I would like you guys to visit the websites listed below which has greater emphasis on the betterment of Filipino Children.


Exceptional said...

Glad that you're able to work good on this campaign. Hope that this would be read my millions. I agree with your points.

Fransiska Ike said...

Ow, never would have thought that Philippines have this kind of celebration too. Here in Indonesia, it's called 'National Children`s day'. -.- Well, it's just a matter between 'day' and 'month', though.