Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another Global Phenomenon?


Around 2:00AM [Philippine Standard Time] when I have received a message which stated:

"Coming October 17, 2008, the sun will rise continously for 36 hours (1.5 days). During this time, the US countries will be dark for 1.5 days. It will convert 3 days into 2 big days. It will happen once in 2,400 years. We're very lucky to see this. This is a global phenomenon... Courtesy of CNN/BBC News..Mark ur calendars now n pass 2 relatives n frends ..."

Again, `twas 2:00AM when I`ve received this weird message and I was like in the state of shock and in big doubt. I`ve even asked myself if the message is a joke. I just really doubt about it`s validity especially that knowing the fact that if it`s truly a global phenomenon then it should be otherwise forecasted and already been in the news for a week now or so. But hey, I`ve never heard of it, never even heard about it on the news... and why all of a sudden come this message which is like 'rushing' just to let us all know about it. It`s really just so weird, isn`t it? So if you`re just witty enough then you`d surely doubt it.

And hey, to give further credence to the text, supposed source were CNN and BBC News! Uh~uh, how clever!

`twas really a 'ridiculous notion' and you may consider this totally a fiction. I guess the man behind this is really so damn happy right now knowing that his 'work' continously spreads around the metro and reaching almost everybody in this whole wide world. I salute him for that, he`s definitely the man! Yea boy, you`re the man! Haha.

Yet another fact is that, here in the Philippines, the transfer of the message from one sender to another translated into added revenues for the country's different telecommunication companies. I wonder if they`re part of this, but need to immediately disclose the idea since I don`t wanna have trouble here. LOL.

I have actually search the web for further details or any information about this, and I`ve even search this from those supposed sources of the news, but what I`ve got is nothing. Nothing! Yea, you read it right... completely nothing. So if it`s really a phenomenon, then how come that `twas not even reported on the news the way `twas stated on the message.

It`s so clear that there is really no such "rising sun" phenomenon that would come this Friday. It`s false and considered to be purely fiction. Yet at the rate the rumor has spread from India, to the Bahamas, from all over the US to the Philippines, and from here to the world, the rumor itself was what has seemingly become the real global phenomenon.

Yea, `twas just a joke afterall! Such a waste of time!


Riel said...

I received the same message this morning and I was, the same as you were, doubtful of it hehe

TSB said...

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