Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Friday & Pinay Mommy Online`s Contest

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Another tiring week is about to end today, and I`m just really glad that it`s rest day again tomorrow! Hurray! LOL.

But before this tiring week end, I`d like to join another blogger`s contest. Oh my, seems like I`m fun of entering different blogger`s contest lately especially this month of October. Anyway, it`s just for fun and who knows, maybe I`ll be one of the lucky winners.

... So what about the contest? Well it`s actually run by Mommy Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online. And yes, the contest is just really as simple as you can think of.

According to Mommy Ruby, she`s going on a vacation to Bacolod and since it will take her an indefinite blogger’s leave, she just thought of making a definite blog contest aside from her upcoming blogversary.

And in order for you to qualify, you simply need to answer two simple questions which are:

“There are two cities in the Philippines that are called the City of Smiles and the City of Golden Friendship. What are the names of these cities?”

My answers:
City of Smiles – Bacolod City
City of Golden Friendship – Cagayan de Oro City

Yes, just as simple as that, and you`re in... but of course you still need to follow other mechanics. But hey, I forget to mention that there`s an important note that you should remember and it states that... ONLY VALID ANSWERS WILL BE ENTITLED TO THE ELECTRONIC RAFFLE VIA RANDOM.ORG. CONTEST WILL END OCTOBER 31, 2008. Hehe.

So just simply visit Mommy Ruby`s contest post for more detailed information of the mechanics or simply click HERE!

Wish me luck, and I`ll wish you luck as well. Hehe. Peace guys!

Happy Friday everyone! Gracias!