Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday`s Random Thoughts


Today is such a great day... And I wanna share some of my random thoughts for this very day...

What Am I really afraid of?
  • I am not scared of the dark... I`m scared of what`s IN it.
  • I am not afraid of heights... I`m afraid of FALLING.
  • I am not afraid of the people around me... I`m just afraid of REJECTION.
  • I am not afraid to love... I`m just afraid of not being LOVED BACK.
  • And I am not afraid to try again... I`m just afraid of getting HURT for the SAME reason.

Things you don`t need to know but I`m telling anyway...
  • All shrimps are born female, but turns to male as time goes. So are they like gayish.
  • Starfishes are pretty but they don`t have brains. So don`t be offended once I call you one.
  • Penguins can only have one mate, they spend almost half of their life looking for their destined partner, then spend the rest of it with him/her. How sweet!

Would you like to know if your mobile phone is original or not? Press the following keys on your mobile phone: *#06# and the international mobile equipment ID number will appear. Then check the 7th and 8th number.

If the 7th and 8th digits are:
  • 02 or 20 - it`s from CHINA. Low Quality.
  • 08 or 80 - it`s from GERMANY. Fair Quality.
  • 01 or 10 - it`s from FINLAND. Very Good Quality.
  • 00 - it`s from Original Factory. The Best Quality
  • 13 - it`s from Azerbaijan. Bad Quality and dangerous to your health.

I know and I believe that I can always take good care of myself, but still, I want to meet the person who can prove to me that I can`t...


I like the practical simplicity of this statement: "If people talk negatively about you, then live in such a way that no one will believe them". Watchutink?


A short story that had moved me:

A man and a barber were talking...

Barber: God does not exist. `Coz if there is God, there will be no suffering.

The man did not reply to avoid arguments, then he left the shop.

Outside, the man saw a beggar with long dirty hair.

Then the man went back to the barber shop.

Man: You know, barbers don`t exist.

Barber: [Laughing] Can`t you see I`m a barber?

Man: If a barber exist, there would be no man with dirty long hair.

Barber: It`s just that they don`t come to me.

Then the man said, "Like God, if people will come to him, there will be no suffering."


Again, today is indeed a wonderful day. It`s Friday guys and it`s weekend again! Wow, I`m having my rest day again tomorrow... It`s indeed a very tiring week.

Enjoy and live life to the fullest! God Bless everyone!


Ane Fallarme said...

hmmm, interesting tidbits of info... :)

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aries_arevalo_ax said...

i enjoyed reading that insightful story... care if I grab it for my blog? God bless always! :)