Monday, October 6, 2008

What Is A Simple Married Life?


Uh~uh! It`s not what you are thinking. Nope, I am not yet married. Haha. You`re maybe wondering I suppose why this post came to existence, so I might as well answer some of your questions.

Just the other day, I came to notice this certain topic or issue while I`m browsing a certain post from Simple Married Life`s blog. It`s not really an issue but rather a contest run by the bloggers themselves. But mind you, it`s not really the contest or the prize which has caught my interest but rather the issue or the main focus of the contest itself, so I just then decided to write some of my views or thoughts about it... Hoping that somehow, my views and your views would jive, or would certainly come to a certain point of agreement.

So what is the issue then? Obviously it`s about the question 'What is a simple married life?'.

I`ll answer base on how I view the issue itself, and not because I`m living a simple married life already for I am really not. Again, I`m still single! I believe I`m still quite young for such life. Haha. But hope I`ll be able to live that kind of life someday... somehow.

Now before I answer the question, let me first define what a married life is. Married life of course is a life of two persons binded by the bond of marriage. And accordingly, marriage is a personal union between two individuals which eventually changes the status of the individual who enter into it, may it be personal or social... and somehow it is for the purpose of building a new family of their own, of the two persons involved. But I won`t talk anything about family here or building a family, since it would lead to a greater context which I know for sure is something that I`m just not confident enough to discuss as of this writing.

So what is a simple married life? A simple married life for me is quite simple, but I personally would agree that it`s not really that simple after all... for it would surely need both persons involvement, agreement, cooperation, contentment and of course willingness.

Marriage is more than just about two people being happy living their lives together, but it`s more about becoming a better human in a humane society. It`s a common notion to almost everybody that life is a choice, but are you going to agree with me when I say that so is marriage? In my own opinion, marriage as part of every human life is something that need not be dictated or be chosen for you by other person but you yourself alone. It`s your own decision and it`s your own choice. No matter what other people say, it`s still you at the end who shall take the lead. Thus, this will lead to the very fact that a simple married life is actually your own choice. But that doesn`t mean that it`s you alone, since marriage is not just about you, but about the both of you.

In my very own point of view, a simple married life can only be attained if an only if the two persons involved would manage to grow deeper spiritually, would live life simply and passionately, would let themselves experience a marriage which is fully alive at all time, would enjoy the ups and downs of their relationship and lastly, would live in community with others. But the question is, how are you going to do this... Well again, it`s the both of you who know yourselves better, thus it only means that it`s all up to the both of you of how you`re going to do the following. But just remember that in order to live a simple yet happy married life, it would surely need both persons involvement, agreement, cooperation, contentment and of course willingness.

Learning to take care of yourself more allows for more passion and adventure in marriage. When this is done by both of you in your relationship, you`ll surely experience the best in both of you. Remember always that individuals who are involved in a committed relationship are the ones who experience more passions and adventure in their lives and their relationships.

But then again, these are just my thoughts. Others may agree with me and of course others may not. But still the same, everyone is entitled for his/her own opinion anyway. Haha.

And just incase you might want to join Simple Married Life`s contest, then why not visit their blog site or simply click this link to go directly to the post and know more about the contest info and other details. Why not try joining just for fun. Of course I wanna know what do you think about simple married life, and see if your views and my views would somehow agree. Haha.


Fransiska Ike said...

Oh wow... Quite nice article. You wrote about it but too well.

To be honest, I am married but don't give a damn about it as much as you do in this article. ^^ I am too easy going... well add ignorance there as well. I will add about this context on my blog, with your link as reference.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Possibility said...

Nice views! I wonder how single person like you could come up with such great thoughts about simple married life. Really it's great. How I wish more married individuals out there would be able to read this post. It's awe inspiring really.

Exceptional said...

Love this one. Amazing that you're able to give your views and thoughts about the subject despite of the fact that your still single, as what you're claiming.
Great job again!