Friday, October 3, 2008

It`s Time To Do It!

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If you think you have an overwhelming daunting to-do list that you end up stressed out, cranky, procrastinating, cramming or worst, all of the above, then I guess it`s time for you to take control of your time... I mean, it`s time for you to manage your time properly, just like what I`m trying to do right now for myself, and for the benefit of myself of course.

Well, I just want you to know that I myself is trying to do what is necessary and what would be best to somehow find better ways on how to minimize my time to get all things done. Perhaps, you may try to consider some of the things, ways, or techniques [whatever you may call it] that I am trying to follow nowadays:

  • PRIORITIZE. First of all, it`s really necessary for you to learn to categorize everything that you need to do according to how important and urgent the thing is. But I just want to emphasize that the main purpose why we need to prioritize is to reduce the 'necessary and urgent' which only means that you have to know exactly if a certain thing need to be done immediately and for what I call 'real emergencies.'
  • PLAN AHEAD. Letting things flow is in a way okay, because it teaches you flexibility. But if you don`t plan ahead, you usually don`t foresee what`s going to happen. And besides, having an overview of everything you need to do helps you to pace yourself as well.
  • BREAK IT DOWN. If looking at the big picture makes you hyperventilate instead of feeling in control, then it would be best for you to divide your tasks into manageable chunks that will calm you down. This is especially or specifically helpful in tackling any long-term goals.
  • KNOW YOURSELF. Are you a working owl? Are you fun of working under pressure? Knowing yourself and your working style, helps you finish your tasks more efficiently and more convieniently. The important thing here is, you should really know what is the most favorable and convenient thing for yourself in finishing your tasks.
  • STICK TO SCHEDULES, BREAK RITUALS. After setting your specific tasks or goals, it is also important to set a scheduale that for sure you`ll follow. And remember always that what you don`t have to follow are those routines that costs you a lot of time, examples are watching your favorite TV show and wasting time chatting or talking to a friend on phone for hours.
  • REWARD YOURSELF. Despite of how many goals, tasks and time are there for you to manage, always remember to give yourself a reward at the end of the tasks. Rewarding yourself is somewhat the best way to lessen your stress level. It works for me!
So now I guess it`s time for you to do it... or maybe just try it. It works for me, and maybe it will work for you too. Just try it! Just always remember that it`s really not time that changes things, but it`s actually you yourself. So better do it now, and reward yourself later. Take it from me, since again, it works for me! Haha.