Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to Deal and Survive Life...

"What we are right now are the foundation for what and how we will turn out to be tomorrow. So let`s make sure we`ll turn out great!"

Will the next day turn out to be a great day for me?

I always wonder why I keep on asking myself this question whenever I feel so much pressure coming from all areas of my life. It`s like there`s no place on the planet where I can just kick back, chill and breathe. But maybe it`s because life aren`t just all about fun, happiness and all positive things you could think of. And just like what one of my Philosophy teachers before had told me, there would surely be fun in our lives, but rest assured that it`s not all fun.

In this regard, I came up with some effective ways on how to cope with all the stress and pressures that life continuously brings us...
  • Have Goals. Set your mind on things that you want to achieve. Consider your interests, capabilities, talents and limitations. Have a reasonable time frame too, to keep you working at it. Having deadline or quotas presses you to work harder to reach your dreams. And think of how much fun you`ll have when you reach the top.
  • Dont Stress. When you feel like you`re being pushed way too much, then stop. Take time to breathe and relax. Oh yes, certainly you deserve a break! You`ve been working so much, so it`s just time to pamper yourself.
  • Communicate. Get help! Remember always that you`re not alone in this world. You have your family and friends. And always remember that they love you and that you`re important to them and that they just want what is best for you. It`s also good to get their point of view about certain matters that bother you.
  • Spend Quality Time. Free yourself from everything and find a place where you can be on your own, and clear all the things that stresses or pressures you. Allow more pleasant, less stressful thoughts to flow in. Being in calm, quiet room allows for self-reflection and discovery too... But please keep in mind to negate all negative thoughts. No room for self-pity please!
  • Bond. Have bonding sessions with your family, sibs and friends. These are the times where ties of friendship and love are formed. Make use of your opportunities now because you`ll surely regret taking this time for granted.
Please always keep in mind that it`s you and you alone who would take the lead for yourself. And in the end, whatever you do today shall be the you of tomorrow. So better yet not be affected of all pressures and all the negative things that life offers you today, always be positive and have faith.

Remember that each and every process of life maybe painful or easy as they may come, but it will surely shape and mold you into whatever you want yourself to be...

Enjoy life as it may come...


Angie Atkinson said...

Oh my this is an amazing post! All such good and valid advice. I'm loving your blog honey!! xoxo

PinoyCopywriter said...

hello. I've been dropping my EC on your blog for the past week and I just noticed the new look. I like this one better than the first.