Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Work & I


It's almost two years now since I've joined the company where I am working right now. And it's almost a year now that I've been making or doing calls...

I am really glad I was able to brush off that feeling of bitterness out of my system since I entered this call center industry, and just like what a certain friend have said, I'd rather not elaborate on why this is the case. I'm just glad that I'm not a pessimistic person and that I'm not a constant whiner just like what my other colleagues are. Guess 'twas the best part of why I'm still able to survive the industry and the very reason why I'm still here.

'twas almost two years that I've worked for just one account, and now that I've been transferred to a new account which is really hard, I'm starting to miss it... The script, the call flow, those standard rebuttals, those arguments I've had with my prospects, and everything! I'm just missing everything with my previous account. I'm so used to it that letting go is something that is somehow so unreal. But things really come and go, it's life's nature. Right now, what is best to do is to love what I have... and to love my new account. Who knows, I might love this account even better.

Anyway, everything's okay now. I'm back on track and that zest to perform well during my shifts has resided back in me. I'm more patient now in dealing with every calls I make especially with every potential clients that I get hold on to. I always try not to lose my cool that easily and I actually have to say that I'm very happy with the way things are.

There are a lot of people who have managed to inspire me and of course there are also those who managed to destroy me, and I am just so grateful because they've just helped me to be better. Colleagues who just do their work and never complain, colleagues who have managed to be on top for being so diligent, and supervisors who have been so understanding and supportive are just some of those who have taught me to be positive about things instead of incessantly ranting and complaining.

It's really almost two years now, and I'm just glad I'm still here... surviving what this call center life has to offer me.


Shawie said...

have worked in a call center for barely a year since I've got to process all my papers abroad and I admit, it was damn fun and annoying at the same time, hahaha! oh, how would you reconcile the fact that you love what u're doing at the end of the day but get irritated once you're in a spot where all u want to do is mute-cry-laugh/hang up, done that, hmmmppp! lol! it was a technical support & so it was fun:)
well, more power to you! that's a great job for me:)

techniqueal t. said...

wow, two years! that's admirable! i only lasted six months. more power. with your patience and outlook, you're an inspiration to cc aspirants.