Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Passion of Blogging in Me

"You are A PRO on blogging, I can say you are a GURU also...Great blog and great content and I love the way you have put your techno!! Good luck 10/10." - Ritesh
"Well laid out and well presented blog with some good content." - Mark

"I liked your blog in writing and presentation. Nice work..." - Satya

"Great site. Fast loading and attractive. Loved the posts about saying No and marriage, very informative. Nice photos too. I will visit your site again, interesting reading. Good job..." - Paula

"An interesting read. I learned something about the Philippines and Filipinos. There is myriad of topics and issues covered in this blog. Overall a very personal blog..." - Rob
Above are just five reviews of the many reviews I have been receiving lately from several of my readers, viewers, visitors, or what ever you may call them. And hey, I just want to emphasize or clarify that I have not edited any of the above reviews, not even a single word.

Now why am I posting these stuffs?

This past few days life has really been so challenging to me especially when it comes to my health. But it`s nothing really serious, just thought that I`m getting prone to sickness recently and maybe it`s because of stress, too much work, and a little time for myself. But I am just happy that somehow, despite of all these facts, I still have so many great things to be thankful of... and that somehow, there are still people who appreciate me and my works.

To all my visitors especially to those who have left me a review or any certain comment or message, I am really so thankful to all of you guys. You just don`t know how happy I am and how I appreciate it whenever you take your time just to drop me a line... And exactly the reason why I am returning the favor, I mean, that even it`s a fact that I am sick, I am still blogging, I still update my blog regularly, and I still write a post each day.

It`s actually just last September of this year when I`ve decided to start blogging. And I am glad that I have gained more friends, readers, viewers and visitors as days go by. I`m actually surprised to have noticed the continuous growth with my statistics. But of course I won`t elaborate much about it, and I don`t even want to brag about it. Fact is, I am just really so happy that there are people who have noticed my blog.

For those who may not know it, I am actually still considered a newbie in this world of blogging. I don`t really consider myself a PRO but rather just a newbie who`s just starting to know and learn more about this world and trying to understand the so-many-know-how of the blogosphere. I should say that there are really still a lot of doors for improvement. And I am really glad that I continue to learn more things each day.

Credits should be given to my mentors who are great bloggers who have really inspired me to do better with my blog. I wish I could also be a PRO someday just like them. Anyway, rest assured that I will continue this passion for blogging!


Fransiska Ike said...

Blogging needs concentration, if you're not healthy, what can you do? Don't overwork yourself, that's all I can tell.

And then, -.- you are more pro on blogging than me, it'd be bad for me to not able to see you posting here because you fall sick.

Exceptional said...

Have to say that all reviews are true, valid and correct! You're a PRO. Kudos to you!

MarlyMS said...

Blogging requires time. But sometimes when laziness strikes, I am not able to update posts at all. But good scheduling helps a lot. I am also a newbie trying to become a good blogger.