Wednesday, October 1, 2008`s Huge Entrecard Contest

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Hey guys! I mean, hey all entrecard members! There`s a huge, I mean HUGE opportunity for us today and it is the`s HUGE ENTRECARD CONTEST! And as of this writing, the contest has already been started.

On it`s celebraton for its new look, is holding a big entrecard contest and will be giving away more than 70,000 Entrecard Credits and lots of other great prizes with the help of their big sponsors, of course. And as one of entrecard members I might as well grab the huge opportunity! Who knows? Haha.

Huge prizes are so tempting, and lucky for sure are those guys who would won such prizes. And I won`t be hypocrite, okay? Of course I wanna win the '1st prize' of all the mentioned prizes of the contest. Who never wanna win the 1st prize anyway? Nobody right? Haha. But nevertheless, all prizes are good... so I just really hope that I`ll be able to win. Still, it would be best if I`d be able to get the '1st Prize' which includes the following:
  • 30,000EC from Freebie Reporter
  • 125x125 ad for a month from The Asian Economist
  • 125x125 ad for a month from Free Famous Quotes
  • 1 VIP membership to
  • 1 Entrecard banne design from A Phone Sex Life
Anyway, for more information about the contest please do click and visit Freebie Reporter`s official post link here and get all the important details, okay?

Before I forget,`s Huge Entrecard Contest is made possible with the help of the following sponsors [I apologize but it`s in random order]:
The Contest will end on October 10, 2008. So entries should be submitted before that date. Okidoki?

So what are you guys waiting for? Hurry, Join Now!

Again, just please visit Freebie Reporter for more detailed information... or simply click this link for exact post.

Thanks for reading and Good Luck!