Thursday, October 9, 2008

Future Computer, PC or Laptop?

While I`m doing one of my favorite hobbies which is to search, surf, browse and read friend`s and other`s blog, I`ve come to encounter a certain post or article that had surely caught my interest again. Yes my dear, there are a lot of stuffs that interest me, and new and advanced technologies are just one of them.

Just like the author of the certain article, I was not taken aback too when I have seen this pen-sized PC, I mean I am not surprised after all since I and my friends in college have thought of this one before. But honestly, it still amazes me. We know for sure how technology works nowadays, and I surely won`t be surprised anymore once another advanced technology will be introduced in the market for I am certain that technology is always on the move! But then again, technology still amazes me.

But could this really be the future of Computer/PC/Laptop? My answer could be YES, it is POSSIBLE since I always believe that in a human`s mind, the possibility is really endless.

As of this writing, I am not just sure about the current status of this stuff but certainly this could one day become feasible when technology is ripe and upon the revolution of future computers. I`m not just certain though if when would that be or if I would still be here when these stuffs come to its existence and reality.

Truly this is something for us to look forward to, but for now just enjoy looking at the images and try to imagine how could and how comfortable this gadgets might give us in the future. Just hope that the realization of these stuffs would be very soon. LOL!


aiyna said...

The computer will be split into two completely separate halves the processor module and the display module. They will be connected at the bottom of the display by a 360° hinge. They will be connected such that only the careful observer would note that they were completely separate parts. In standard use the processor module will be behind the display module. However, the smaller models will be able to have the back swing forward and under the display module to function as a laptop or portable.

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Anonymous said...

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